How to beat Springtrap in FNAF 3

How to beat Springtrap in FNAF 3

In order to avoid the spirits of the five murdered children, William Afton put on the Spring Bonnie suit. He had no idea that the raindrops would cause the spring locks in his suit to malfunction – until they snapped, trapping him inside and slowly killing him. Springtrap, the main antagonist in Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 (FNaF 3) and the only one who can kill the player, was born from that incident. Since you are on this page, you already know how troublesome he can be. But, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered as usual! Below, you can find the best tips and strategies on how to beat Springtrap in FNaF 3. Let’s get right into it!

Locate Springtrap

Make sure to keep an eye on Springtrap’s whereabouts through the use of the camera system. This will give you the ability to track his location and determine when he is getting closer to where you are. There are 10 cameras in total that you need to check (excluding the vents). Below, you can find the static-free images of Springtrap to get a better idea of ​​what you need to be looking at as you go through the different cameras.

FNaF 3 – Camera 1

FNaF 3 – Camera 2

FNaF 3 – Camera 3

FNaF 3 – Camera 4

FNaF 3 – Camera 5

FNaF 3 – Camera 6

FNaF 3 – Camera 7

FNaF 3 – Camera 8

FNaF 3 – Camera 9

FNaF 3 – Camera 10

Use the Sound System

You can use the sound system to distract Springtrap and get him to leave your location. To buy yourself some extra time to get things done, you can read Springtrap by playing sounds in different rooms. You should know that his hearing is limited to the area immediately adjacent to the room he is in. If the cameras reveal that he is in room 6, for instance, you can use the sound system to direct him to either room 5 or 7. Keep in mind that there is a remote possibility that he pays no attention to the sounds at all. The best place to lure him is the room where camera 5 is located. The reason is that there’s only one ventilator connected to that room. If he disappears, use the sound system to bring him back in. Alternatively, you can keep him between camera 7 and 8 and keep the vent closed.

Check the Ventilation System

Maintain the ventilation system: Springtrap may deactivate the ventilation system, causing hallucinations and making it more difficult to hear his movements. To prevent this from happening, keep the ventilation system operating. If you hear anything crawling in a vent, go to the “Toggle Map” button and examine all of the vent cameras. If he is in a vent, double-click to shut it, forcing him to choose another path.

Avoid Phantoms

If you notice a phantom, switch off the camera or change the camera number. Otherwise, a jump scare will happen, causing an issue with the sound and ventilation systems. This is ineffective against the Freddy phantom, who has no camera presence whatsoever. He can only scare you if you stare at him for a long time. Also, standing in front of the camera for a lengthy amount of time may cause the camera to malfunction.

Fix the Errors

If any of the systems, such as the cameras or the sound system, have been disabled by Springtrap, select them as soon as possible to restart them. By doing this, you can level the playing field with Springtrap since you’ll be able to use these systems to your advantage. It’s important to just reboot the systems when absolutely necessary, or else you’ll be wasting your time.

Our guide on how to beat Springtrap in FNAF 3 will end here. Being cool and having a strategy is essential for defeating Springtrap. If you’re in a panic, you could make some silly blunders that give Springtrap the upper hand. If you like this game, you may also be interested in reading about Five Nights at Freddy’s Help Wanted – Everything you need to know.

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