How to beat the Clione Queen in Dave the Diver

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Dave the Diver is an endless surprise of new and exciting missions as you make your way as a harpoon fisherman cum restauranter. Throughout the charming and endlessly gripping tale that unfolds, there seems to be no task that Dave the Diver isn’t up for. Negotiator? Done it. farmer? Completed it. Fighting underwater sea beasts? EasyPeasy. He is an unstoppable force of nature, and here’s how Dave the Diver beats the Clione Queen.

How to beat the Clione Queen in Dave the Diver

Once you have met Maki, relatively early on in the game, you will be tasked with using her bug net to catch a few Cliones. These tiny creatures look like graceful angels and are the inspiration for her hand puppet. They remind her of her father, a man she lost to the sea. It is obviously up to Dave the Diver to catch them for her.

Once you have caught five of the tiny Cliones by pressing the space bar once you get to them, you will be faced with a boss battle. Dave the Diver will be teleported to a new arena to battle with the mother of all Cliones. Unlike the floaty little fairies that are simply cute decorations in the ocean, the Clione Queen is a monster.

Be prepared for a big fight. Grab the weapons case from the bottom of the arena first; it will contain a powerful red sniper rifle. The sniper rifle in Dave the Diver has an impressive range and huge damage but limited ammo. This is ideal for the fight, as you’ll want to keep your distance from the Clione Queen.

How to beat the Clione Queen in Dave the Diver

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Clione Queen Dash

The Clione Queen will charge Dave the Diver almost constantly during the battle. If she connects, she will do a lot of damage. I found the best method was to use her ungainly movements against her. Make sharp turns and judge her patterns so you can slide past.

Clione Queen Grab

This move only happens when she gets close to Dave the Diver. As the Clione Queen closes the gap, tentacles will fire from her head and grab Dave the Diver. Once you are in her grasp, you must hammer the left mouse button until you are free. Avoid this by keeping your distance; use a dash if necessary.


The Clione Queen will spit green blobs across the arena at you. Initially, this starts as only one but will become three in the second stage. Move up or down when she starts spitting to avoid the hits.

Beating the Clione Queen

Keep your distance and stay nimble. Try never to stay in one place because although the Clione Queen will always charge Dave the Diver, she isn’t very good at turning. Pick her off when you have distance, ensuring only to get headshots, as this doubles the damage.

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