How to beat the Lord of Regret in Halls of Torment

Halls Of Torment Lord Of Regret Battle As Shield Maiden
Halls Of Torment Lord Of Regret Battle As Shield Maiden

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In Halls of Torment, you’ll find three challenging boss enemies known as ‘lords’ that lurk at the end of the individual areas. Defeating them will take some doing, and none are tougher than the Lord of Regret. He soaks up damage like a sponge absorbs water. Here’s our guide telling you how to beat the Lord of Regret in Halls of Torment.

Halls of Torment – how to beat the Lord of Regret

Tea Lord of Regret has a lengthy life meter that most of your attacks can’t scratch. He doesn’t hit super hard and most of the moves he sends your way are easy to avoid. However, he also fills the arena with floating bombs that explode as you get near them. Their presence makes it difficult to even get near enough your target to hit him. To beat the Lord of Regret, you focus on dealing critical damage with a character who has strong defense and healing capabilities.

Halls Of Torment Lord Of Regret Shield Maiden Loadout

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Your battle with the Lord of Regret basically starts as you begin the Ember Grounds stage. You have to spend the next 30 minutes turning your chosen warrior into a weapon of destruction. I suggest using the Shield Maiden character. She starts with strong defensive capabilities you can improve.

Make sure you have Thornfists equipped. Otherwise, the gear you bring to the fight isn’t super important. It just needs to get you through the stage while you gain levels and carefully select your traits and abilities. The screenshot above shows what I had on hand when I entered the battle.

As you play through the dungeon, keep your needs for the battle at the end in mind. Prioritize traits that increase critical damage performance, health regeneration, and defensive capabilities. For abilities, steer clear of area attacks. I had the good fortune to snag both the Ring Blades and the Transfixion on my run, along with the Arcane Splinter. This proved ideal.

Halls Of Torment Lord Of Regret Defeated

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When you finally engage the Lord of Regret, avoid his attacks if you have low health. Let your life meter refill as you avoid the main foe and the floating bombs. Once your life meter is in good shape, move in close. Let your abilities deal chip damage, while you automatically counter if the Lord of Regret hits you. Keep an eye on your life meter, and back away again to refuel as necessary.

The battle wages for some time, even when you’re doing things properly. On my first successful run, I managed to beat him within five minutes. That may sound like a lot, but on previous runs, I wasted 20 minutes or so and then died just before finishing the fight. As long as you are smart about the traits you select while playing through Ember Grounds, you can win the battle in a few minutes. If it takes a lot longer, that could be a sign you need to rethink your approach.

Halls of Torment is available to purchase on Steam.

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