How to become a Real Estate Agent in Bitlife

How to Become a Real Estate Agent in BitLife

Bitlife is a funny little in-browser life simulator game. It has been praised for having realistic scenarios, varied twists, and quite an enjoyable plot tailored to your choices. You start life as a randomly selected baby with a random set of stats. These can be improved and depleted depending on how you live your life. You are made to make decisions and choices as you bumble your way through the twists and turns. You have to make friends, get a partner, and of course, get a job, one of which can be a real estate agent. Knowing how to become a real estate agent in Bitlife will set you up for a good, financially secure, future.

How to become a Real Estate Agent in Bitlife

As you progress through your life you will finally get to the age where it is time to get a job. At the age of 18, you are prompted to take a look through the list of full-time jobs, provided you don’t go to university. Scrolling through the list should display the real estate agent option marked with a little tree and building.

How to Become a Real Estate Agent in BitLife - Guide

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Ways you can fail

There are a few things that may stop you from getting the list or the job. The first of which is having a criminal record. Sadly, if you have previous misdemeanors you will be rejected from the position. This doesn’t make much sense as house prices these days are clearly daylight robbery.

Another reason you won’t get the job as a real estate agent in Bitlife is not having a car. Obviously, you can’t exactly get the bus out to every house viewing; it doesn’t look very professional. So, ensure you have passed your test and acquired a vehicle first.

A few notes on being a real estate agent in Bitlife

If the job vacancy doesn’t pop up in the first list of jobs, never fear. Simply delay getting a job, deal with your partner chewing your ear off for it, and wait for the list to come up again. There is no need to start a new life. You can even quit a job and look for it in the next prompt to join the rat race. Enjoy pursuing your dreams of being a real estate agent in Bitlife.

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