How to build both types of Minecraft campfires

How to build both types of Minecraft campfires

Campfires are an essential component of any survival game, and Minecraft is no different. In this guide, we will delve into the two different types of Minecraft campfires: the regular campfire and the soul campfire. We will provide step-by-step instructions on how to build each one and highlight the unique features of both. Especially if you’re a Minecraft beginner, knowing how to craft both types of campfires is a valuable skill that will enhance your gameplay experience.


What are the different types of Minecraft campfires?

In Minecraft, a campfire is a block that has various uses. It can be used as a trap that deals damage, or it can be used as a light source. Of course, it can also be used to cook food.

Regular Minecraft campfire

There are two types of Minecraft campfires. One is the regular type which includes the following:

  • Campfire Acacia
  • Birch Campfire
  • crimson camp fire
  • Dark Oak Campfire
  • jungle camp fire
  • oak camp fire
  • spruce camp fire
  • warped campfire

minecraft soul campfire

The other type is the soul campfire. Now, let’s talk a little bit about their differences. When compared to a regular campfire, Soul is a variant with turquoise flames (image above). But their differences are not just the visuals. Soul campfire also deals more damage than a regular one.

How to build both types of Minecraft campfires

First things first: you need to have the right materials to start a campfire. You can either find them or craft them – that’s totally up to you. Here’s the list of the ingredients that you must have:

Minecraft Campfire Ingredients
Stick + Charcoal / Coal + Stripped Log / Log / Stem / Wood / Stripped Wood / Hyphae
For a soul campfire, you are going to need x3 soul soil or soul sand instead of coal.

Once you have the materials, below you see the recipe that you need to craft. Note that the recipe is exactly the same for a Soul campfire. The only difference is that you should replace coal or charcoal with soul soil or soul sand.

Minecraft campfire recipe

This next step depends on your Minecraft version. You have to use either fire charge or flint and steel to light the campfire.

And now you know how to build both types of Minecraft campfires. If you are interested in reading similar content, you might want to find out how to craft and activate crying obsidian in Minecraft. There are some interesting Tower ideas that we have collected and survival island seeds that you can use in case you need to spice things up.

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