How to capture prisoners in Wartales

Wartales Capture Prisoners

You can do a lot of things in Wartales and one of them is capture people and turn them into prisoners. Prisoners can be recruited onto your team or sold for gold. Either way, capturing prisoners is a great thing to do if you know how to do it. It can be complicated, but we know how to capture prisoners in Wartales.

Wartales: How to capture prisoners

Capturing prisoners can be a complicated process in Wartales. Luckily, you have us to help you learn how. First, you need ropes, chains, and the Stocks blueprint. Then, you need to know how to capture enemies. Lastly, you can choose to recruit or sell the prisoners.

How to get ropes and chains in Wartales

To capture an enemy and make them a prisoner, you first need to get chains and ropes. You can do this by going to any jail and buying the items from the NPC there for 10 and four gold, respectively. We recommend going to Tiltren Jail which is east of Stromkapp.

To human capture, you need chains. To capture animals, you need ropes. The last thing you need is the Stocks blueprint which you can get from the NPC at any jail. You’ll need to build this to make sure your captured prisoners don’t escape.

How to capture enemies in Wartales

Wartales Combat With Bears

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When you are ready to capture enemies and make them your prisoners, you need to find bandits, outlaws, or deserters. These enemy groups will be roaming around the open world and are usually found near enemy camps and buildings. When you find one of these enemy groups, begin combat.

Once you are in combat, you need to get the person you want to capture’s health as low as possible without killing them. The lower the health, the better the chance of capturing them. You at least need to get the enemy’s health down to 50%.

The next step is to have one of your allies engage in combat with the enemy you want to capture. Once one of your allies and the enemy are engaged, take a different ally and move behind the enemy. You will now see the Knock Out ability on your hotbar. Any character regardless of class can perform Knock Out.

Once you press Knock Out, you’ll see the success rate on the enemy. Before the ability, noting that it takes one chain, and you have a chance to stun the enemy. This will eliminate the enemy during this combat encounter and they’ll become your prisoner once you are finished.

How to recruit prisoners in Wartales

Wartales Combat With Wolves

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After getting prisoners, be sure to go to camp and put them in the Stocks so they don’t escape. Once the prisoners have stayed a while and become neutral, you can recruit them into your team. You will need to feed them, but they increase your carrying capacity and can fill some roles that your team doesn’t currently have.

How to sell prisoners in Wartales

You can also sell prisoners in Wartales for around 85 gold each. To do this, you need to go to any jail and sell them to the NPC there. You can only sell three at a time. Also, once you sell the prisoners, you can’t recruit them.

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