How to catch Jellyfish in Dave the Diver

How to catch Jellyfish in Dave the Diver

When you’re just getting your feet wet in Dave the Diver, a sure money-maker is harpooning the cast of Finding Nemo for your hungry customers. But not every oceanic creature is created equally. Your Harpoon Gun is fine for your first few dives, but you’ll soon realize it’s not as versatile as you once thought. Plenty of the animals in Dave the Diver are resistant to the Harpoon Gun, and the Jellyfish is one of the earliest you’ll bump into. With this in mind, let me show you how to catch Jellyfish in Dave the Diver.

How to catch Jellyfish in Dave the Diver

How to catch Jellyfish in Dave the Diver

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There are a few ways to catch a Jellyfish in Dave the Diver, but the most straightforward is simply shooting it. After a few well-placed hits, the Jellyfish will stop moving and go slightly darker to indicate the kill. At this point, you can just pick it up without taking damage. You can use whatever weapon you like. Early on, I recommend the Triple Axel, as it fires three projectiles at a time. If you’re close, you can do a ton of damage. Shooting is the simplest way to catch creatures that resist the Harpoon, but there’s more to it if you want to make better profits.

Does shooting reduce the quality of my catch?

The eagle-eyed among you have probably noticed that killing a Jellyfish with bullets yields a low ‘Star’ rating. You’ll always earn a low score if you kill your target with bullets, but fortunately, there are a few ways around that.

For Jellyfish specifically, your best bet is to find a Harpoon upgrade underwater. All upgrades reset every time you dive, but Harpoon modifications are quite common. The Tranquilizer Harpoon briefly puts targets to sleep. You can grab them in that small time window without getting hurt and score a 3-star catch.

If you insist on using a gun, try out the Hush Dart. This weapon must be procured from boxes underwater. Once you’ve found it a couple of times, Duff will craft one for you. The Hush Dart works similarly to the Tranquilizer Harpoon, just with a bit of extra range.

Another viable strategy is to weaken your kill with bullets, then reel them in with the Harpoon. This method usually gives you two stars and decent cash when served at the Sushi Bar. Dave the Diver has plenty of mysteries to solve, especially early on. If Sea Grapes are causing you problems, check out our guide.

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