How to cheer the training militia in Diablo IV

How to cheer the training militia in Diablo IV

While Diablo IV features a plethora of violence and demons, the game also showcases some lighthearted side missions. One of the earliest side missions you can do is the Raising Spirits quest. The Raising Spirits mission has you cheer the training militia in one of the first towns you enter in the game. The side quest is a fun little diversion you can participate in before heading out to another dungeon to explore, but how do you cheer for the militia?

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How to accept the Raising Spirits Side Quest

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Kyovashad is the first town you will enter in Diablo 4, and as soon as you walk inside, there will be a blue exclamation point in the north part of the town’s map. Head over to the exclamation point to talk to a soldier name Guard Boza, who will hand you the Raiding Spirits side quest. Boza wants you to raise the morale of the training militia soldiers.

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How to Cheer on the Training Militia

The soldiers are marked on your map as a light blue circle. When you reach the blue circle, you will spot a couple of soldiers gathered around a small fenced area. These are the training militia, and to cheer them up, you must use the Cheer emote.

Emotes are non-verbal reactions you can perform with your player character to communicate with other players. You can select your emote options by bringing up the Emote Wheel. To summon the Emote Wheel, you need to either press E on your keyboard or Up on a controller’s D-pad. You may need to scroll through your emote menus before you find the Cheer emote. To switch between Emote Wheels, use your mouse’s middle wheel or the controller bumpers.

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The Cheer emote symbol should be two hands clapping. Once you find the Cheer emote, highlight it and press the confirm button. Make sure the soldiers see you performing the emote, and when they do, return to Guard Boza to finish the Raising Spirits sidequest.

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