How to complete Echoing Nightmare in Diablo III

How to complete Echoing Nightmare in Diablo III
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Diablo III introduces a ton of new mechanics each Season, most notably Season 28’s Altar of Rites. In fact, like the Echoing Nightmare, some of the new mechanics introduced during a season become permanent content. The Echoing Nightmare was introduced in Season 26, and the community loved it so much Blizzard decided to make it permanent. But what is the Echoing Nightmare, and what do you get from it? Fortunately, we know how to complete Echoing Nightmare in Diablo III.

Completing Echoing Nightmare in Diablo III

There are several steps to completing Echoing Nightmare. First, you need a key to access the Echoing Nightmare. The keys are called Petrified Screams, and they drop from Greater Rift Guardians at a rate of roughly five percent. Next, once you have a Petrifying Scream, transmute it in Kanai’s Cube. You’re not using any recipes here; just place the item in the Cube and hit transmute. This opens a portal to the Echoing Nightmare.

Diablo Iii How To Complete Echoing Nightmare Scream Cube

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Inside the Echoing Nightmare, you face endless waves of enemies of a random monster type. Every few seconds, a new wave spawns, and most crowd control won’t work. The Nightmare continues until the monsters overwhelm you. This happens when you either die, or the overwhelm bar on the right side of your screen fills. The Echoing Nightmare continues infinitely, but the rewards cap out after wave 150. These rewards include:

  • Normal gems and crafting materials.
  • Up to 435 billion experience.
  • up to 575 Blood Shards.
  • Several legendary items, up to 12 at once.
  • Whisper of Atonement legendary gem.
Diablo Iii How To Complete Echoing Nigtmare Portal

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The Echoing Nightmare also includes some extra mechanics to spice it up. First, Rift Guardians and Fallen Nephalem can spawn randomly at certain thresholds. Specific Rift Guardians can be especially dangerous, such as Perdition. Fallen Nephalem are enemy versions of your heroes, which spawn randomly after wave 75. If you’re playing in a group, the one that spawns is chosen randomly from the classes in your group.

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