How to complete False Friends in Final Fantasy 16

Final Fantasy 16 False Friends Guide

False Friends is a side quest in Final Fantasy 16 that can be found in Martha’s Rest. You unlock this quest after unlocking the Holding On main quest. False Friends tasks Clive with searching for a man named Norreis, a Bearer who fled the town and is being hunted by a former friend. Here’s everything you need to know about False Friends in Final Fantasy 16.

Final Fantasy 16: How to complete False Friends

If you’ve yet to start False Friends, you can find it right next to the Bloodaxe Barracks in Martha’s Rest. If you don’t see it, make sure you’ve got or already completed the Holding On quest. After you’ve spoken to Brennan and Ronald, you’ll be tasked with venturing out and finding Norreis.

False Friends 1

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Fortunately, the first spot we’re checking for False Friends isn’t very far at all. We just need to head across the bridge behind Brennan. Once there, look out for a guard looking off in the distance. He’ll be on the second bridge and a marker should appear above his head. He’ll tell you that Norreis ran off down the hill, so continue following the bridge and head to the marked area on the map. By the way, if you’re wondering which sword I’m using in Final Fantasy 16it’s the Flametongue.

Final Fantasy 16 False Friends 2

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Now you’re looking for a lantern on the ground. You’ll find it toward the northern section of the next search area. Then this will lead Clive to Norreis’ actual location. After a short conversation, Clive will let Norreis know that everything’s alright. Afterward, head back to Martha’s Rest and speak to Brennan.

Unfortunately, the quest’s reward isn’t the best. This is par for the course with most Final Fantasy 16 side quests, at least in the early game. First you’ll get 10 Magicked Ash, along with one Meteorite. You don’t even get any Gil for this quest. But you can at least walk around without a guilty conscience in Final Fantasy 16 by completing False Friends.

While you’re in the area be sure to complete the Crystalline Lifeline quest that’s also in Martha’s Rest. Side Quests don’t offer brilliant rewards but do healthily boost your APso they’re worth doing in Final Fantasy 16.

Final Fantasy 16 is now available for PlayStation 5.

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