How to complete Poisoned Well mission in DMZ

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Part of Code: DMZ is doing the many missions available to you, and the other half is getting out alive. When you do both, you can get rewarded well. The missions you do and complete add more to the mode, so with objectives you and your party won’t run out of things to do. Each mission varies in difficulty and can change your overall experience. The Poisoned Well mission has been causing issues for players, while it’s a fairly straightforward mission, it’s quite hard. This guide will show you how to complete the Poisoned Well mission in Code: DMZ.

Code: DMZ: How to complete the Poisoned Well mission

To start, there are 2 parts to this mission, the first is getting gas grenades and the second is throwing the grenades into wells. Upon completion, you get the snazzy Blood Soaked Operator skin, so it may be worthwhile to do this mission.

Getting the gas grenades

The first part can be rather tedious and may take longer to do. You need to find 6 gas grenades, which spawn in random locations. However, Supply Crates, Ammo Boxes, and Gas Stations seem to be consistent with the spawns.

To shorten the time of finding these grenades follow the steps below.

In your loadout, have Tear Gas Pomegranate in your Tactical Slotthen have Ammo Box Field Upgrade added on as well. Next, as soon as you land in Al Mazrah, put the gas grenade in your inventory. After that, use your Ammunition Box to get two more gas grenadesalso note that the box will only give you 2.

If you’re playing with 2 friendshave them Equip the Muntion Box as well and they’ll be able to give 2 more each.

Placing the gas grenades in the wells

Now with your 6 grenades, head to Zarqwa Hydroelectric located in the center of the map. This area may also have a dead drop, so you can kill two birds with one stone. Once you reach it, look for its POIs, which may be hard to find, but they look like pools standing on their own.

Screenshot via PC Invasion

This location is heavily guarded, after you’ve dealt with the enemies, start throwing the grenades in those pools. Afterward, you should have completed the mission.

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