How to Complete Redacted Faction Missions in DMZ Season 3

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The latest season of Warzone 2 DMZ is packed to the brim with new content, like a new barter system and more. As part of season 3, Warzone 2 DMZ introduced a new faction: the REDACTED faction. Unlike the other factions in the game, we don’t know much about these guys — hence the redacted tag. But, they offer new mission challenges for you and your team to complete. The challenges will help you adjust to the newer features of DMZ. Read this guide on how to complete redacted faction Missions in DMZ season 3.

Warzone DMZ: How to complete Redacted Faction Missions in season 3

The first thing to note is that missions are broken up into tiers. This guide will break down each tier for you. As of writing this guide, there are only three tiers but expect two more to drop in a mid-season update.

Tier 1 DMZ Redacted Faction Missions in season 3

Upgraded Arsenal: For this mission, stealth is key. You must look for a workbench, and attach a suppressor to your weapon. Afterward, fight Cartel soldiers with the suppressed weapon. Then be extracted with two weapons that have a suppressor on them. Once you’ve completed this mission, you’ll get five thousand experience points and the Crane Control Key.

Dealmaker: This mission requires you to have a backpack with an electric grill, a gas can, and an elusive golden skull. When you have all three items, trade them for a Secure Backpack at a Buy Station. You’ll get a RAAL MG Contraband weapon, and five thousand experience points upon completion.

cartel investigation: Look for the Cartel and Hafid Port and take out five of their soldiers. Then extract two Large Contraband Packages from any territory the Cartel occupies. This will give you extra experience points and a Double XP Token.

Unstoppable Force:Find a Secure Supplies Contract from the green contract, and find three Supply boxes—in two minutes and 30 seconds.

Calling Card: This mission is rather easier to do. Find three vehicles and destroy them with any of the trains found in the game. You’ll get five thousand experience points and the X12 Contraband Handgun.

Final Tier 1 DMZ Redacted Mission

Zero Tolerance: Complete any of these tier 1 missions to unlock the final one. Equip a Tactical Camera, and mark a Cartel member. After, head to the Sattiq Cave Dead Drop and get the Cartel Recon Report. Once all this is done, get extracted to complete this challenge.

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Tier 2 DMZ Redacted Faction Missions in season 3

In Good Health and Spirits: This mission is fairly simple, all you need to do is find the Revive Pistol. This weapon can be found anywhere on the map — but you’ll have an easier time bartering for one. To complete this mission, revive an enemy.

Smoking Gun: In order to do this challenge, head to the Al Mazrah International air traffic control tower, the post office, and the US Embassy. After all areas are cleared of enemies, you should get three keys. You’ll get rewarded with experience points and the Sattiq Poppy Farm Key.

Recognition By Fire: Kit yourself up with the Kastov 76 and take out AQ and Cartel enemies, all at different distances. The catch is you’ll need seven kills and three sights the DF105 Reflex Sight, VLK 4.0 Optic, and DrexSom Prime-90 Thermal Optics. After you do everything, your reward will be the Kastov 76.

Dark Water: To do this mission, could we rebreatherand head to the easter-most sunken ship. You should be able to get the Cartel Warehouse Key. Once you get the key, enter the Cartel Warehouse in Hafid Port, and take the laptop. After, be extracted to finish the mission.

Flight Risk: Find Heavy Chopper fuel and refuel the Heavy Chopper. You’ll be attacked while doing this, so prepare for a fight. When all is said and done, fly to the edge of the map, and you’ll complete the mission. You’ll get seventy-five thousand experience points and a Double Weapon XP Token.

Driver: Enter the map soloand get a Personal Exfil at any Buy Station. Then exfil with another player by using the Personal Exfil. After, you’ll get the Contraband TAQ-V Battle Rifle.

Final Tier 2 DMZ Redacted Mission

Left High and Dry: Do any of the two tier 2 missions, which require a skeleton key. Once you find or create a key, head to Akhdar Village and enter a specific buildingwhich is located in the west center of this area. Get the Dossier and extract the map to complete the mission.

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Tier 3 DMZ Redacted Faction Missions in season 3

Friendly Fire: To complete this mission, take out the Pyro Commander and three guards. In order to do this, you must use fire-based weapons like Molotov Cocktails.

gear-up: Equip three operators fully kitted. This means using a large backpack, a 3 – Plate Carrier, a Durable Gas Mask, a Self Revive, and any Killstreak. This challenge will give you the City Hall Hideout Key and ten thousand experience points.

Double Cross: To do this mission, head to Ashika Island and find the Bombmaker and get his Crossbow. Take the weapon to any dead drop, and exfil. You’ll get Research Center Room Key and some XP.

Rain and Hellfire: Get on a Heavy Chopper and eliminate any Cartel or Al Qatala soldiers with the launchers. After, take out an Operator or Juggernaut. Lastly, destroy two vehicles with the Heavy Chopper. Your reward will be Contraband Taq-V and ten thousand experience points.

One Shot, One Kill: Board the train, and fight your way to the safe. After, drill into it and take the contents—the Train Manifest. Then, extract with a secure backpack. Head to Ashika Island and trade it for the MCPR- Sniper Rifle at a Buy Station. You’ll be rewarded with a unique emblem and experience points.

Fair Fight: During the Hunt Mission, take out an enemy and retrieve their weapon. Then, use that weapon to eliminate the Scavenger, and you’ll earn a Double XP Token as well. However, this mode is rather difficult, and doing it with a team could be easier.

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Final Tier 3 DMZ Redacted Mission

Excavation: Full five of the tier-three missions. Then, head to the skyline south of Al Mazrah City, and find a Sniper Rifle Team’s Note under the stairwell. Read it, pick the tracking device and the Al Bagra Fortress Deep Dropand plant them in the three bunkers. After you’ll get Shadow Warrior Operator skin and twenty-thousand experience points.

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