How to complete the Closing the Book quest in Diablo 4

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There are many interesting stories to explore during your time with Diablo 4, particularly if you pay close attention during Dungeon crawls and Stronghold raids. Most come with a note or two, letting you hear the words of those who came before you, and soak up the lore while your weapon soaks up the blood of your enemies. Eriman’s Pyre is a great example of this: a Stronghold in the Hawezar region, haunted by the horror of a witch-hunting campaign that took place long ago. If you want to delve deeper into the backstory of this accursed place, the Closing the Book quest is a great way to do so, as completing it gives you extra insight into one of the darkest locales in Diablo 4. Read on for a full guide on how to do so.

How to Close the Book on the story of Eriman’s Pyre in Diablo 4

Quest prerequisites

Before you can start Closing the Book, you’ll need to do a couple of things. First, you’ll need to clear the aforementioned Eriman’s Pyre Stronghold, located east of Wejinhani in Hawezar. As with all Strongholds in the game, it’s always scaled two levels above you, meaning you’ll want to come in with a well-established build to avoid getting wiped out. It’s quite compact as Strongholds go, featuring a central location you return to repeatedly and a few branching paths, so completing it shouldn’t take long at all. Duz’Agur, Eriman’s Bane is the boss here, and is a fairly standard battle with a Wraith-type enemy. Don’t underestimate his opening AOE attack, though: it can take you down in one hit no matter how high your level is, as our Rogue found out the hard way.

Once Eriman’s Pyre is complete, you’ll also need to complete the Desperate Remedies quest before you can access Closing the Book. You can start this quest by talking to Elder Lau in Wejinhani, and it involves doing some investigative work around the village to find the corpse of a man named Brecht, then hunting down his sister Aldara in the Light’s Refuge Dungeon, just north of Wejinhani. Defeating her will grant you Aldara’s Amulet, which you can then bring back to Elder Lau to finish the quest. It’s not a particularly difficult errand, and once you’re done Closing the Book will become available for you to pursue.

Hunting down the Ledger Pages

You can begin Closing the Book by talking to Elder Akos in Wejinhani. He’ll ask you to take him to Eriman’s Pyre, his old village, to find some evidence of the heinous acts the Zakarum committed during their crusade against the witches of the area. It’s only a short walk to the Pyre, or an even shorter ride, if you have the Mount unlocked, and once you’re there Akos will prompt you to talk to him. You’ll get some exposure, and he’ll leave, asking you to locate the four missing Ledger Pages that should act as the proof he needs.

As Eriman’s Pyre is a small area, the four pages aren’t too tricky to locate, but it can be easy to miss them on the ground, since they blend in quite well with the scenery. The images above should help you locate all four easily. Keep an eye out for monsters as well as you collect them: the Stronghold may be clear, but some stragglers remain, meaning this is a scavenger hunt with a small degree of risk.


Quest Complete

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Once you’ve found all four, you can return to Akos in Wejinhani, and talk to him to finish the quest. He’ll receive some closure, and you’ll receive the usual Experience, Gold, and Renown rewards, as well as a Salvage Cache, which contains a handful of handy crafting materials for upgrading your weapons.

And with that, Diablo 4‘s Closing the Book quest is complete. The rewards you receive for finishing it are nothing special, but the extra insight into the world and characters of the game definitely are, letting you appreciate the rich tapestry Blizzard have woven that so many miss in the frenzy of rapid character growth.

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