How to complete ‘The Hall of Herodiana’

How To Complete 'the Hall Of Herodiana'

For the few who didn’t get enough of Sophronia Franklin from her previous encounter, did you know she shows up in another side quest in Hogwarts Legacy? Unsurprisingly, her next quest involves quite a lot of thinking as well, as it’s full of puzzles revolving around two specific spells. Here’s how to complete ‘The Hall of Herodiana’ in Hogwarts Legacy.

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The Hall of Herodiana: Starting location and NPC

The Hall Of Herodiana Sophronia Start

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Sophronia Franklin is not obstructing you this time, she’s just in Charms class keeping to herself when you find her.

She tells you about Herodiana Bryne, the single greatest Depulso master in history who even briefly taught at Hogwarts before disappearing. She apparently built a secret Depulso training room in Hogwarts- as one just does- and her signature outfit is contained inside. Sophronia wants you to retrieve it.

The Hall Of Herodiana Entrance

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The hall is at the base of the Defense Against The Dark Arts tower, which means you have to go all the way down every flight of stairs and to the right to find the switch. Activate it with Depulso to enter the secret passageway.

The Hall Of Herodiana Entrance Door

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Puzzle Room #1

The Hall Of Herodiana Puzzle

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Climb onto the boxes in the center and use Depulso to open the far doors, then climb off the box and Depulso the set of boxes to the other end to advance. You’ll come to a small chest containing Herodiana’s Cape.

Puzzle Room #2

Depulso Puzzle 2

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These next two puzzles are more accurately called Accio and Depulso puzzles, as you need both to progress. A fair warning, don’t stand directly in front of the boxes when you move them in the same direction because you will black out and have to restart.

Accio the floating cube to the left, then Accio the right set of cubes. Now Accio the left cube, and Depulso the dual cubes while standing in front of them to push it to the exit. Depulso the doors open and receive Herodiana’s Attire from the chest.

Puzzle Room #3

Depulso Puzzle 3

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Climb over the first wall and stand to the right below. Accio the block set to the far wall, then Depulso it away. Climb over to the far left two blocks jutting out over the gap and target the small cube you’ve seen in each room so far and hit it with magic. This resets the puzzle.

Depulso Puzzle 3 In Progress

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Now Accio the block over, then Accio it again to make your path forward. But that’s not all, there’s also a chest in this room behind you only accessible by navigating the block.

Depulso Puzzle 3 Treasure

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To get the chest, you have to take this route from the beginning:

Depulso the block straight out, then go to the left two blocks and Depulso it from there. Now Accio it to the reset cube, and Accio it again towards you. Accio it one more time and use it to climb the ledge.

Depulso Puzzle 3 Treasure In Progress

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When you exit the room, you retrieve Herodiana’s Cap. Now go back to Sophronia.

You have the options to show her the attract, show it for a fee, or if you really didn’t like her quiz, be mean and outright refuse. She declares you her second favorite hero if you oblige though, for what it’s worth.

The Hall Of Herodiana Reward

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Here’s the full Herodiana draw. To be fair, it is a pretty nice cape.

Hogwarts Legacy is available through Steam.

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