How to complete the Reject the Mother quest in Diablo 4

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Diablo 4 is chock-full of side-quests, with over 200 short adventures for you to begin on as you max out your renown across Sanctuary. Most of these fall under the ‘Go to X location and slay X monsters’ category, but others require a bit more finesse, and an understanding of the game’s more obscure features, in order to complete. Reject the Mother is one such quest, and if you’re finding it hard to say no, then we’ll show you exactly how to complete this tricky task in Diablo 4.

How to Reject the Mother in Diablo 4

Starting the quest

To start the Reject the Mother quest, you’ll need to interact with a Torn Note in the Tusmaa Rift area of ​​Kehjistan. You’ll find this area just east of Ked Bardu, the major settlement in the region, but you’ll need to have completed the Whittling Sanity quest in act three of the campaign before you can access it. The location of the note is shown on the map above.

Traveling to Lilith’s secret shrine

Upon interacting with the note, you’ll be given your task: “Shout your rejection, “no Mother of mine” at her towering statue in rift’s hidden shrine.” Thankfully for us, the shrine isn’t quite as hidden as the note claims: it will be marked on your map right after reading it. It’s located at the top of Tusmaa Rift, right next to the Dark Ravine Dungeon. Following the map above, you should be able to make your way there fairly quickly, particularly if you’ve completed act three and have the Mount unlocked.

Rejecting the Mother

Once you’ve reached the shrine, you’ll probably need to clear out a few waves of demons before you have room to breathe, and to figure out the quest’s riddle. Much like the Secret of the Spring quest, the key to Reject the Mother lies in Diablo 4‘s emote system. Approach the statue, and perform the “No” emote. You’ll probably need to enter the emotes menu and equip it to one of your emote slots first. If done correctly, a Heretic’s Cache will appear on the ground in front of you. Open it to receive a few middling items, and complete the Reject the Mother quest!


Quest Complete

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Once you’ve finished the quest, in addition to the items you get from the Heretic’s Cache, you’ll also receive a bit of Experience and Gold, as well as the standard 20 renown completion rate. Reject the Mother may not be the most rewarding quest in Diablo 4but it’s one that’s quick and easy to complete for all characters, which makes it ideal for grabbing the last bit of renown you need to claim your next Kehjistan reward.

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