How to craft and upgrade weapons and gear in Final Fantasy 16

Final Fantasy 16 Blackthorne Working At Black Hammer Forge
Final Fantasy 16 Blackthorne Working At Black Hammer Forge

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Final Fantasy 16 welcomes players to a harsh world where political dealings and fearsome beasts ensure a short life expectancy for the few heroic types who survive. Clive, the game’s protagonist, has it rougher than many. Thus, he needs the best gear he can find, craft, or forge. Here is our guide telling you how to craft and upgrade weapons and gear in Final Fantasy 16.

Final Fantasy 16 – how to craft and upgrade weapons and gear

As the game begins and players meet Clive, there’s not a lot they can do to enhance him. Fortunately, early battles are toothless affairs. Then the going gets tougher, especially if you don’t take advantage of opportunities to improve your equipment (and if you don’t learn how to heal).

To craft and upgrade weapons and gear in Final Fantasy 16find the blacksmith. He is available at the Hideaway. You access this base of operations a few hours into the campaign, once Clive meets up with a helpful gentleman who welcomes him to a resistance effort.

Final Fantasy 16 Reinforcing Weapon At The Black Hammer

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Your early activities in the Hideaway allow you to make the acquaintance of Blackthornea gruff blacksmith who reluctantly agrees to help you improve your gear at his shop, the Black Hammer. However, you must provide the recipes. You acquire these automatically as you progress the story campaign. Sometimes, you may also find them while tending to side activities.

There are two primary tabs at the Black Hammer: Craftable Items and Reinforceable Items. Both options require you to supply craft materials. You typically find such materials after defeating monsters, whether on the main path or as part of side missions.

Final Fantasy 16 Meeting Charon At Shop In The Hideaway

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Sometimes, you have to decide between upgrading equipment that is about to reach its maximum usefulness, or enhancing a different piece of gear with a longer life expectancy. Weapons and armor start out with a regular name. You can typically enhance gear no more than twice. For example, Longsword becomes Longsword +1 and then Longsword +2. After that, you’ll need to replace it with a newer gear.

The game sometimes notifies you when new recipes become available. I like to head back to the Hideaway every two or three missions or so, just to see what new options I have. While there, I also make sure to check in with Charon. She sells gear at her shop, Charon’s Toll. It may be worth purchasing some of that equipment to upgrade at the Black Hammer. I suggest checking both places before you make choices about where to spend your money and crafting materials.

Final Fantasy 16 is available on the PlayStation 5.

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