How to Cure Viruses in Forever Skies

How to Cure Viruses in Forever Skies

Forever Skies takes survival elements we all know and love adds a dash of Raft, and sets it all in an environmental hellscape. This article will teach you all about the various viruses that can be found in the game and what you can do about treating them.

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What Are Viruses in Forever Skies?

In Forever Skies, you’re revisiting a far-future Earth that has been ravaged by various disasters over thousands of years. One of the biggest mechanics in the game are the viruses, with many plants and animals causing and curing a variety of ailments with numerous drawbacks.

How to Get a Virus

Forever Skies screenshot showing a tall white medical-looking device standing in the middle of a sparsely furnished space ship.

You can get a virus from eating plants you’ve found without cooking them, as well as by being attacked by certain animals and enemies. To get a stable sample of a virus you’ll need to get your hands on the virus’ cause, then analyze it in a virus analyzer.

To get a Virus Analyzer, you’ll need to reach your first Underdust location and scan one. You can check out our Locations and Map Guide if you want to learn more about where every in-game location is and how you can find them.

How to Cure Viruses

Various items presented on a white background with various virus names written above.

Each virus has a different effect, as well as a different cure. In most cases, you’ll need to find a specific food that carries the antibodies you need to cure your specific illness. If you’ve previously scanned the cure of a disease when you catch it, you can find the possible cures in your research menu. We’ve also listed below each of the viruses in the game and which food cures each one, as well as a handy cheatsheet you can check out above.

List of Viruses


Forever Skies Screenshot showing a page filled with information on a photophobia virus


Looking directly at the sun causes:

  • Visual Disturbances
  • insults


  • Dust Moth
  • Boiled Dust Moth
  • Fat Dust Moth
  • Boiled Fat Dust Moth
  • Dust Lettuce
  • Boiled Dust Lettuce



Forever Skies screenshot showing a page filled with information on the different causes and cures for the Fever virus.


Eyesight debilitation – double vision hinders taking actions that require precision. Increased sweating raises the need for water consumption. Shallow breathing accelerates the loss of stamina.


  • Green Colander
  • Boiled Green Colander
  • Little Star
  • Boild Little Star


Vertigo Virus

Forever Skies Screenshot showing a virus page for a Vertigo Virus, as well as various known causes and cures.


Auditory and visual hallucinations. Immune system is compromised due to focus on ridding the body of toxins.


  • potato
  • Boiled Potato
  • Boiled Meteor Bean


  • Lulling Grass Cricket
  • Dust Daisy

We’re all done with our guide on how to cure Viruses in Forever Skies. Take a look at our other guides below!

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