How to defeat Legion Drain in Remnant 2

How To Beat Legion Drain In Remnant 2

Though every campaign is randomized in Remnant 2, one of the first bosses you might come across is Legion Drain. This boss has a floating circle for a head that moves around the arena and shoots you with red Rot orbs while you’re getting bombed by adds. Don’t worry, I’m here to help you defeat Legion Drain in Remnant 2 and keep moving forward to bigger and badder things.

Note: If you’re struggling with Legion Drain in Remnant 2you might want to consider buying new weapons or upgrading what you have.

Best ways to beat Legion Drain in Remnant 2

Before you encounter Legion Drain in Remnant 2you need to make sure you rest at the Checkpoint. This is because you’ll likely die to Legion Drain a handful of times, and restarting the level from the beginning isn’t fun. When you are ready, walk through the gate.

The best strategy to defeat Legion Drain is the same regardless of the Archetype you choose, but one thing that helped me eliminate this tough boss quickly was the Hot Shot weapon mod. If you didn’t pick Hot Shot as your first Weapon Mod, then don’t worry, you can still kill Legion Drain.

Strategies To Beat Legion Drain In Remnant 2

Screenshot: PC Invasion

If you do have Hot Shot, I recommend putting it on your rifle, activating it the moment the boss’ health bar appears on the screen, and unloading rounds into the circle floating above the body, which is where you’ll deal damage to Legion Drain. This helped me take out a quarter of Legion Drain’s health in the first 10 seconds of the fight.

After shooting Legion Drain a few times, you need to stay on the lookout for its attacks and the adds nearby. The body at the front of the room will send out a red shock wave that deals serious damage to you. To dodge it, you need to execute a perfectly timed roll. You also need to look out for when Legion Drain turns red and shoots red Rot orbs at you. Then, be on guard for exploding enemies and other monsters that will charge you.

There is a winning pattern that you need to follow to defeat Legion Drain. Here’s what you need to do to win:

  1. Take out the enemy monsters.
  2. Stay on the top right side of the room.
  3. Shoot Legion Drain when it turns red. Strafe left and right and hide behind the columns to avoid the red Rot orbs.
  4. Prepare for the red shock wave attack. Roll over the shockwave and continue to shoot Legion Drain.
  5. The enemy monsters respawn after every red shockwave, so eliminate them first. Watch out for the ones that explode.
  6. Repeat this process until you defeat Legion Drain.

Though some of Legion Drain’s attacks are hard to read and dodge correctly, once you know the pattern, Legion Drain is fairly easy to defeat. Be sure to execute the winning pattern as well as you can and you’ll leave the victor. Now, you can look forward to defeating Root Nexus.

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