How to Do Trading in The Planet Crafter

How to Do Trading in The Planet Crafter

This guide will tell you how to unlock Trading in The Planet Crafterhow Trading Works, and the best way to earn Terra Tokens!

You’ll unlock most of your new recipes in The Planet Crafter through progressing Terraforming or by finding Blueprint Chips, but that’s not the only way to get new equipment — the Space Trading Update has added a new way to get unique items called Trading. Read on to learn more about it!

How to Unlock Trading in The Planet Crafter

You can unlock Trading in The Planet Crafter by progressing to the “Breathable Atmosphere” stage of Terraforming according to the v0.8.008 patch notes. The recipe will arrive in the Mail.

How Trading Works

Trading makes use of a new currency called “Terra Tokens” which you can find in containers or earn through Trading. You’ll have to Build a Space Trading Rocket once you’ve unlocked the Blueprint. From there, you can fill the Space Trading Rocket with up to 25 items.

You can only buy or sell certain items with Trading. Items for sale must be placed in the Space Trading Rocket’s inventory, either by yourself or by Drones. You can set the Space Trading Rocket to automatically launch when its inventory is full; it will automatically return after around 10 minutes.

If you wish to buy items, you must select them in the Space Trading Rocket’s menu at the console nearby. You’ll need enough Terra Tokens to purchase these items. Once you’ve made your selection, you can launch the Space Trading Rocket; it will return after 10 minutes with your purchased items in its inventory and the option to automatically launch disabled, ensuring that you can actually collect your purchases.

Items You Can Sell with Trading

  • Pulsar Quartz – 10 Terra Tokens
  • Fabric – 3 Terra Tokens
  • Uranium Rod – 3 Terra Tokens
  • Iridium Rod – 2 Terra Tokens
  • Superalloy Rod – 2 Terra Tokens
  • Osmium Rod – 2 Terra Tokens
  • Rocket Engine – 5 Terra Tokens
  • Bacteria Sample – 2 Terra Tokens
  • High Quality Food – 2 Terra Tokens
  • Circuit Board – 10 Terra Tokens

Items You Can Buy with Trading

  • Cocoa Seed – 75 Terra Tokens
  • Wheat Seeds – 150 Terra Tokens
  • Frog Kenjoss Eggs – 2,500 Terra Tokens
  • Customizable Sofa Blueprint – 800 Terra Tokens
  • Cooking Station Blueprint – 500 Terra Tokens
  • Customizable Bed Blueprint – 1,000 Terra Tokens
  • Smart Fabric Blueprint – 500 Terra Tokens
  • Fish Velka Eggs – 450 Terra Tokens
  • Butterfly Falera Eggs – 1,200 Terra Tokens
  • Locker Storage T2 Blueprint – 5,000 Terra Tokens
  • Extended Living Compartment Blueprint – 10,000 Terra Tokens
  • Extended Living Compartment with Dome Blueprint – 25,000 Terra Tokens
  • Drone T2 Blueprint – 15,000 Terra Tokens
How to Do Trading in The Planet Crafter - Terra Tokens in a Container with Other Items
Terra Tokens can also be found in Containers, including those that fall out of the sky. You can right-click on these Terra Token items to add them to your wallet.

Best Way to Get Terra Tokens

The best way to get Terra Tokens is by selling Pulsar Quartz or Circuit Boards; they sell for 10 Terra Tokens each, much more than any other item.

You can automate the Crafting and transportation of either Circuit Boards or Pulsar Quartzes using Drones; this will essentially allow you to have a steady, automatic income of Terra Tokens over time.

That’s the end of our guide on how to do Trading in The Planet Crafter. Have a look at our other guides below!

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