How to enter the Coliseum Ruins Cave in Tears of the Kingdom

Tears Of The Kingdom Coliseum Ruins Cave Interior Statues

For most caves in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you can simply spot the entrance and head inside without much resistance. But of course, some caves require you to complete some kind of task or puzzle before you can unlock the entrance. The Coliseum Ruins Cave serves as one such example, but it goes beyond that, as the method required to access it makes for one of the more obscure overworld puzzles in Tears of the Kingdom. And you’ll definitely want to solve it if you want the rewards that lay inside. Here are the steps for both finding and unlocking the Coliseum Ruins Cave.

What to do to access the Coliseum Ruins Cave

As the name suggests, the Coliseum Ruins Cave rests below the Coliseum Ruins, which sits slightly to the southwest of the Hyrule Field Skyview Tower.

Tears Of The Kingdom Coliseum Ruins Cave Map Location

Screenshot via PC Invasion

You can’t just waltz in and look for the cave right away, however, as a Thunder Gleeok stands in the coliseum ready to attack you. Its electric breath deals too much damage for you to ignore, so even though it poses quite a challenge, I highly recommend you take it down before searching for the cave entrance.

With the Thunder Gleeok out of the way, head to the back of the coliseum at ground level to find a blocked-off hole in the floor. Near the hole, there are two knight statues, one holding a Soldier’s Claymore and one without. The missing Soldier’s Claymore sits a little ways to the right of the weaponless statue, so use Ultrahand to place the claymore in the statue’s hands.

Doing this will unseal the hole in the floor, allowing you to go inside the Coliseum Ruins Cave and collect one of Tears of the Kingdom’s many hidden armor pieces. This cosmetic comes in the form of the Trousers of Awakening, part of the armor set based on the Link’s Awakening Switch remake. You can also encounter a Bubbulfrog and take its Bubbul Gem by heading through the crawlspace blocked off by crates on the right.

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