How to find and kill the Pyro Commander in Warzone 2 DMZ

How To Kill The Pyro Commander In Warzone 2 Dmz Find Mission Friendly Fire

The Redacted “Friendly Fire” Faction mission in Call of Duty: Warzone 2 DMZ requires you find and kill the Pyro Commander and this guide covers how to complete the mission as quick as possible.

The Pyro Commander is latest boss addition to Warzone 2 DMZ as well as the most difficult one to kill at this time. This is due to his large health pool, Riot Shield, and fully automatic KV shotgun equipped with Dragon’s Breathe rounds. The Pyro Commander can easily kill you, so you’ll need to show up prepared along with a team.

How to find the Pyro Commander in Warzone 2 DMZ

Complicated things further is the matter of finding and then reaching the Pyro Commander. Before you actually try to find the Pyro Commander, it’s recommended you acquire a Skeleton Key so you can actually get to him. This is because he spawns inside locked Stronghold locations. Your other option is to find the corresponding locational key, but the Skeleton Key guarantees access as soon as you find him.

As for actually finding the Pyro Commander, you’ll need to do a decent bit of scouting. Fortunately, you can save a lot of time with this task by following these tips.

You need to know all of the Stronghold locations on the Al Mazrah map, because the Pyro Commander will randomly spawn at one of the locations each match. The best way to speed up your hunt is to find a helicopter you can fly around. Perform low-altitude flyovers of the different Stronghold locations and look for an on-screen prompt that alerts you the Pyro Commander is nearby. You can then simply land the helicopter and get inside the Stronghold using that Skeleton key.

Warzone Map Template

Image by PC Invasion

Now while there are a lot of Stronghold locations, you can try one more strategy to reduce your search time. There are three higher probability spawn locations for the Pyro Commander. These include the Downtown Post Office, the US Embassy, ​​and the Airport Control Tower. You can see the common spawn locations marked above on the map.

How to kill the Pyro Commander

Fight your way inside and locate the boss. There are several good strategies for dealing with him. The easiest is to have your team spread out and flank him to counter his Riot Shield. Take turns holding his attention so that nobody takes too much damage and gets downed. The more guns shooting at him, the faster the fight will be over. You can also use explosives to counter the Riot Shield, such as grenades or the explosive barrels around the room he spawns in.

Keep in mind that you’ll also need to kill his Pyro guards with fire damage so bring Molotovs for the easiest solution to finishing both of the Friendly Fire mission requirements. The mission will then be complete.

Figuring out how to find and kill the Pyro Commander in Warzone 2 DMZ is one of the most confusing tasks to do on one’s own. Guides and walkthroughs will save you plenty of time for missions such as this one. We also have some guides on other DMZ Faction missions that detail how to unlock unique skins such as the Shadow Warrior and the Blood Soaked Operator.

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