How to find Aurora Jellyfish in Dredge

How to find Aurora Jellyfish in Dredge

Throughout Dredge, you’ll be asked to collect items and fish for people living in the archipelagoes surrounding The Marrows. These are often straightforward, asking you to simply trawl the area and fish for items. But some of these things are harder to find than others; the Researcher’s Pursuit asks for a fish that requires more than just a fishing pole: the Aurora Jellyfish.

The Researcher is located at the Old Fortress in the Stellar Basion, the series of islands on the southwest corner of Dredge‘s map. She’s doing research on the monster in the center of the islands — oh, yes… be careful of that — and needs three fish: Glowing Octopus, Firefly Squidand Aurora Jellyfish. The first two are relatively easy; if you sail around the island, at night, fishing at several different spots, you’ll easy catch a few.

But the Aurora Jellyfish won’t show up, because you need another piece of equipment for that: a Trawl Net.

The Basic Trawl Net menu from Dredge, showing an Aurora Jellyfish

Image: Black Salt Games/Team17 via Polygon

Where to find a Trawl Net in Dredge

You can buy a Trawl Net if you don’t have one already, and you can upgrade them using Research Parts. At the Stellar Basin, you’ll want to equip the Trawl Net and simply sail around the coastal areas of the island. Make sure it’s at night. It may take a few minutes, but if you’re in the right area, you’ll eventually nab an Aurora Jellyfish. Dredge makes a little ding sound when something’s been caught in your net, but if you haven’t caught one yet, you’ll get a notification that it’s been added to your Encyclopedia, too.

Bring these three back to the Researcher to continue the questline. Don’t wait too long to deliver them — if they rot, they’re no good. That’s where she’ll set you off on another mission to pick some equipment. This equipment is important, because it’s how you’ll unlock the ability to catch fish in Abyssal spots.

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