How to fix Call of the Ancients bug in Diablo 4

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Diablo 4 is Blizzard’s most ambitious rendition of the IP yet, improving on what was loved from Diablo 2 and working out the kinks that resided in Diablo 3. The vast open world is teaming with life and offers seemingly endless hours of adventure and questing. Sanctuary is more fleshed out than ever and offers immersion that creates a rich and wonderful experience. But, with such a deep experience, there are bound to be one or two bugs hidden within the code. These can be immersion-breaking, and they’re always a bummer to run into, but there are usually workarounds. Here is how to fix the Call of the Ancients bug in Diablo 4.

How to fix the Call of the Ancients bug in Diablo 4

Once you have discovered Bear Tribe Refuge hidden in the depths of Fractured Peaks, you will be tasked with a few little quests. These are in an effort to win over the favor of the Chieftain. Once you have completed three of the quests inside the refuge, you will be given the Call of the Ancients mission. You must act as the Chieftain’s champion and journey into a cave to defeat the horror within.

How to fix Call of the Ancients bug in Diablo 4

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The bug lies in the end scene of the quest. If one of your party is dead when you defeat the final boss, you will be soft-locked into being unable to complete the mission. The mission will show as completed, but the final stage will not become available. Knowing how to fix the Call of the Ancients bug will ensure you get your hands on that ever-important end-quest loot.

Reset the quest

This is such an annoying workaround as the quest will have already taken you through several difficult enemies. However, it currently seems to be the only fix. Find the Call of the Ancients quest in your journal, click on it, and select Abandon Quest. This will reset the quest from the beginning. You must now restart the mission from the original point in the Bear Tribe Refuge.

Await the update

Blizzard is planning a big patch for Diablo 4. Hopefully, this will be the solution that fixes the Call of the Ancients quest in Diablo 4. Currently, there is little that works to fix the issue other than making sure none of your party dies to the final boss, but who chooses to die?

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