How to fix error code 300008

Diablo 4 How To Fix Error Code 300008

Tea Diablo 4 Early Access Open Beta has arrived, and now that you’ve downloaded the 80 GB beast, it’s time to play. Or is it? Unfortunately, this is a Blizzard game. And as many of us survivors of Error 37 know, you can’t just simply play a Blizzard game. Many players have run into a wall trying to play the Diablo 4 Beta, one called error code 300008 — and you may wonder how you can fix it.

Diablo 4: What is error code 300008, and can it be fixed?

As you may have guessed, this particular error code is tied to the servers. At this point, it’s fairly clear it has nothing to do with botched download files. No, the code pops up as you’re attempting to go online, and the beta itself throws out a big stop sign. You’re prevented from playing the game, and the code itself is a mystery. So, what is error code 300004 in the Diablo 4 beta, and can you fix it?

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Unfortunately, the error isn’t something you can simply fix. The clue here is found in the text that goes along with the code: “Your request has timed out.” This means, naturally, that your attempt to connect to the Diablo 4 Beta servers has been denied. Your best bet to fight against the error is to reconnect and try again. You may also want to re-verify game files by clicking the cog next to the ‘Play’ button. If those steps don’t work, you’re left to wait a bit.

The good news is that it isn’t likely permanent. Fans and those interested in scouring the lands of Sanctuary are flocking to the game. The servers can only take so many requests. However, Blizzard is likely aware of the issue and are making moves to fix it. Plus, there should be time when there are fewer requests, and you’ll finally be able to get access.

Other errors

Diablo 4 error code 300008 is only one we have heard about so far. You may have stumbled onto error code 316719 as well. We have a short guide for that one, explaining the code and what you can do about it. There will no doubt be more issues with the beta, but hopefully things will smooth out soon.

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