How to fix Honkai Star Rail Global Distribution Error

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When booting up Honkai Star Rail, there is a possibility that you may encounter a “Global Distribution Error” popup. This error screen prevents players from experiencing the game, which may understandably lead to some frustration. Despite the fancy name, the Global Distribution Error simply means that your game has run into some kind of connection issue. Sometimes, the connection drops due to the game’s servers becoming overloaded, meaning you have no choice but to wait for them to return to normal. But if you find that the connection issue has occurred on your end, then, fortunately, you do have a variety of methods to try and fix it.

What to do to resolve the Global Distribution Error

One potential solution simply involves restarting your Wi-Fi router and seeing if your online connection improves. If that doesn’t work, you can try switching your Wi-Fi network to one with a more stable connection. If you have Honkai Star Rail on your phone, you can also turn Airplane Mode on and off to reset your connection that way. Additionally, you can try the classic method of restarting your phone or your PC.

Those who own the PC version can try disabling their firewall and checking if that caused the error. Just remember to turn your firewall back on once you finish playing so your computer doesn’t become susceptible to viruses for too long. Alternatively, there is a chance that your antivirus software has blocked Honkai Star Rail, so try and whitelist the game on your program to prevent this. You may also need to disable your VPN on either your phone or your PC if that has caused the issue.

In the case that none of these fixes for the Global Distribution Error end up working, you may need to resort to uninstalling and then reinstalling Honkai Star Rail. It may be a pain, but it could be just the solution you need.

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