How to fix the stuck at 9% error in XDefiant

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XDefiant is a first-person shooter set to be released by Ubisoft in February 2023. The game is a nice combination of Tom Clancy’s style of FPS with a Modern Warfare arcade twist. Fast-paced, high-octane action keeps you stuck to your seat and plowing through enemies. With the release of the Beta, Ubisoft has had a chance to trial-run a few of the game modes and iron out some of the bugs. One of the most prevalent errors is with XDefiant getting stuck at 9%; this can be fixed, though.

How to fix the stuck at 9% error in XDefiant

When loading into the Beta of XDefiant, the game can sometimes get stuck at 9% loading. This error seems to completely lock out the game and cannot be bypassed by clicking or selecting anything. Of course, the game has only been released in Beta, so errors are expected, but if you try these steps, you should be able to get back into the game.

How to fix the stuck at 9% error in XDefiant

Screenshot via Ubisoft

Quit out of the game

The good old off-and-on-again trick comes through with this fox for the 9% error. Simply hold Alt+F4 on your keyboard, and you will close the XDefiant window. Once you have done this, you can reopen the game from the Ubisoft launcher. This should load the game back up without the 9% XDefiant error.

Verify the XDefiant queues

With a Beta test, there are often a lot of updates rolling out. Sometimes, these files can become corrupted and cause loading errors with XDefiant. To verify your files, find XDefiant in the game launcher, select it, and locate properties. Under properties, find the Local Files option and select Verify Files. This will check the XDefiant files and make sure they have no errors.

Check for XDefiant updates

Close your Ubisoft launcher window and make sure you quit out of it in the systems tray. Then, once you relaunch the Ubisoft Launcher, it will run through a check to see if you need any updates. Wait for any XDefiant updates to be downloaded, and you should be able to run it without any 9% loading errors.

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