How to fly with Mercy in Overwatch 2

How to fly with Mercy in Overwatch 2
Featured How To Fly With Mercy Overwatch 2

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Mercy is one of the most iconic characters in Overwatch 2. She rushes to support her friends by restoring health, providing damage boosts, and resurrecting fallen allies on the spot. Knowing how to use her abilities covers the basics of playing as Mercy, but the true test of skill lies in how well players can avoid death. Luckily, this character has one ability that makes dodging shots a lot easier: flight. Here’s how to fly using Mercy in Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2- How do you fly in the air as Mercy?

Apart from making all of her skills stronger, Mercy’s ultimate ability, Valkyrie, lets her fly over the battlefield freely. This makes her a harder target to hit for projectile-based Overwatch 2 heroes like Hanzo, Kiriko, and Junkrat.

Movement inputs while Valkyrie is active will make Mercy fly in whichever direction players want. Meanwhile, pressing either the jump or crouch buttons will make her ascend or descend respectively. Also, not moving while in mid-air will cause her to hover in place.

Overwatch 2 Mercy Flying

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Outside of using her ultimate, Mercy can briefly fly by using her Guardian Angel ability. This skill causes her to dash toward a target ally in a straight line regardless of their elevation. Use this to reach stronger positions or throw off incoming enemy fire.

Whenever Mercy is airborne without her ultimate, she can glide by holding down either the crouch or jump buttons. Additionally, she can launch herself vertically by crouching while dashing with Guardian Angel.

Pharah and Echo can help Mercy reach the skies by acting as anchor points for the Support hero’s dash ability. Also, Guardian Angel’s short cooldown means she can zip between allies frequently, making her one of the hardest targets to hit in Overwatch 2.

Keep in mind that Bastion or a skilled Widowmaker can easily shoot airborne targets down, so make sure to use cover if these heroes are present in the enemy team.

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