How to get 1 Sword Style in Pixel Piece

Pixel Piece One Sword Style Location

1 Sword Style is a unique sword fighting style in Pixel Piece that anyone can get. You don’t need to be a certain level to get 1 Sword Style, you just need Beli and information on the location of 1 Sword Style. For all of those answers and more, here is how to get 1 Sword Style in Pixel Piece.

Note: If you want to ditch the sword for a different combat style, you can discover how to get Fisherman Karate in Pixel Piece.

Where to find 1 Sword style in Pixel Piecelocation explained

1 Sword Style is located on Syrup Island in Pixel Piece, so if you are on Pixel Piece, Baratie, or Orange Island, you need to travel east or southeast. Use the map below to help you out, but be warned that the top of the map is south, the left side of the map is east, the bottom part of the map is north, and the right side of the map is west.

Roblox Pixel Piece Map

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Once you are on Syrup Island, go to the east side of the island. If you are on the beach and looking west, you’ll see a cellar opening. Head inside the cave and talk to the guy sitting by the campfire whose name is Fury.

Continue through the dialogue options with Fury and, eventually, he’ll offer to teach you 1 Sword Style for 1,800 Beli. For how good 1 Sword Style is, 1,800 Beli isn’t too high an asking price.

If you accept, you’ll learn 1 Sword Style and be able to use all the moves if you have a sword. If you don’t have the Beli, you can always return whenever you’re ready to learn 1 Sword Style.

All 1 Sword Style moves, explained

1 Sword Style has four moves: Pound Hou, Dragon Slash, Dragon Blaze, and Cyclone Phoenix. You can hold Pound Hou and release it to unleash a massive blue missile that launches forward. dragon slash is a classic anime swordsman-style move that pauses you for a moment then flashes you forward, cutting through any enemies in front of you.

dragon blaze takes some time to charge up and then releases a massive AoE explosion in front of you. Cyclone Phoenix creates an AoE attack around your character, which is great when you are surrounded by enemies.

Generally, 1 Sword Style is really powerful if you want to be a swordsman in Pixel Piece. If not, then you can check out my Pixel Piece all fruit tier list to discover what the best fruits are and how to get them.

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