How To Get A Chocobo In Final Fantasy XVI

How To Get A Chocobo In Final Fantasy XVI

Valisthea is a large place for Clive and his party to be traversing across whether it be the marshes surrounding Martha’s Rest or the rolling dunes of Dhalmekia’s desert. The only other way to travel in Final Fantasy XVI is through the use of a Chocobo, but unlike other Final Fantasy games there’s no place to purchase or rent a Chocobo, instead, you gain access to one for completing a side quest. In this guide, we will show you how to get a Chocobo in Final Fantasy XVI so that you can start speeding up your progress exploring.

How to Unlock Ambrosia in Final Fantasy XVI?

While you might have seen Ambrosia in the opening of the game it’s not until much much later that you gain access to a Chocobo. During the Release Sub-Scenario of the 25th Main Scenario mission The Gathering Storm you’ll have the side quest “The White-Winged Wonder” appear on your map. It will be a unique side quest for you as up until this point the side quests will have just had a green exclamation mark whereas The White-Winged Wonder will appear with a green plus symbol, this is an indication that you’ll obtain something more than experience and materials for completing the side quest.

Quest Name: The White-Winged Wonder (+)
Unlock Requirement: Available in Martha’s Rest after completing the Release main scenario
Details: Go and help the flock of Chocobos?
Quest Steps:

  1. Head to the Waypoint marker
  2. Follow the trail to find the Chocobo
  3. Defeat the enemies


  • 250 XP
  • 20 Renown
  • 1x Ambrosia’s Tack Curiosity
  • 60x Sharp Fang
  • Ambrosia the Chocobo

From Enemies

  • 48 EXP
  • 24 AP
  • 120 Gil
  • 12x Steelsilk
  • 1x Gil Bug

After defeating the enemies and earning Ambrosia you’ll now be able to call her to your side to make moving around the map slightly faster. The first time you ride Ambrosia you’ll earn the Trophy When You Ride Alone. Part of the reward for this quest is also Ambrosia’s Tack, this is a Curiosity that can be viewed on your Wall of Memories and will contribute towards the For The Horde Trophy

How to use a Chocobo in Final Fantasy XVI?

When roaming the world you can click down and press on the Right Thumbstick (R3) and summon Ambrosia to your side. Mounting her you’ll be able to now walk and sprint at a faster pace. Ambrosia is able to make it past most enemies quickly if you’re just trying to get from point A to point B, getting through some smaller spaces on the map can be a bit troublesome. Ambrosia also has the ability to jump and glide, as well as perform a Chocobo Kick even though the kick isn’t extremely powerful.

If you’re already in combat you won’t be able to summon Ambrosia, and you’ll be forcibly dismounted from Ambrosia as you enter a town.

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