How to get action figure collectible in Esi Terminal

Destiny 2 Esi Terminal Action Figure Collectible Guide

The action figures dotted throughout Neonuma are tricky to find in Destiny 2. Luckily, this particular collectible isn’t too difficult to uncover. You’ll want to make sure you’re at a decently high level, though. We’re going to have to deal with a few tough Cabal enemies in order to get the prize. Here’s how you can get the action figure collectible in Esi Terminal in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2: Lightfall – Finding the action figure in Esi Terminal

First up, you’ll want to head over to Zephyr Concourse. From here, take the western path that exits the area to get to Esi Terminal. Follow the path and proceed along the yellow corridor. Then, once you’re outside again, take a left and then a right at the end of the path. The goal here is to get the restaurant through the doorway on the left. There’ll be quite a few Cabal standing around, so take care of them as they come.

Destiny 2 Esi Terminal Restaurant

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Once you’re in the restaurant, head towards the sink on the right side of the room. But just before you do that, be aware that two Cabal Gladiators will spawn in the room around you. You’ll also notice that a bunch of orbs have appeared as well. You’ll need to take each orb to the sink at the back of the restaurant. This may also be the only time we’ve gone into a kitchen in Destiny 2. And this is quite tricky to do if you’re low level, since the Cabal here will do a lot of damage. So make sure you’ve at least completed the Lightfall campaign to have a smoother time.

Destiny 2 Esi Terminal Action Figure

Screenshot by PC Invasion

After you’ve placed all the orbs in the sink, the Esi Terminal action figure will appear in front of you. But in order to progress in the ‘They’re Not Dolls’ triumph, you’ll need to take the action figure back to Strider’s Gate. So, head over to the Strider’s Gate fast travel point and enter the building below to the right. You can place the Esi Terminal Action Figure on the table that’s just up the stairs and to the right.

Destiny 2 Esi Terminal Action Figure End

Screenshot by PC Invasion

That’s how you get the Esi Terminal action figure collectible in Destiny 2. It’s not as complicated as some of the other action figures dotted around Neonuma. But it’s nice to have a simpler thing to do in Destiny 2 for once.

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