How to get and use the Cross in Sons of the Forest

How to get and use the Cross in Sons of the Forest
Sons Of The Forest Cross Use Demons

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Sons of the Forest has several items that you can use to fight off hostiles. One of these is the Cross, which might not have an obvious effect early in the campaign. However, it will become integral much later. Here’s our guide to help you get and use the Cross in Sons of the Forest.

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What is the Cross used for in Sons of the Forest

Tea Sons of the Forest Cross can be found in a specific cave, the same place where you’d get the Rope Gun/Zipline Gun. If you’re looking at the GPS Tracker’s map, and assuming you’ve rotated so that the mountain range in the middle of the island is to your north, then you’ll want to look for a cave that’s slightly southeast. It’s also fairly close to a green marker.

Once inside the cavern, continue until you see a large chamber with several mutants. To your left, you’ll see a path that leads deeper into the tunnels (which will also take you to the Rope Gun/Zipline Gun). But, to your right, you should spot an emergency light. There’s a decaying hand here that’s been chopped off, and it’s holding the Cross.

So, what is the Cross used for in Sons of the Forest? Well, to be clear, it has absolutely no effect against most creatures/enemy types, such as animals, cannibals, and mutants. Don’t even bother equipping it at this stage in the game because those mobs won’t even bat an eye when you’re holding it. However, the item does become integral later in the campaign. Here’s the gist:

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In that final area, you’ll find yourself in an underground cavern with lava flowing all around you. Worse, the place is crawling with demons (they look a bit like mutants, but they’re considered a different enemy type). This is where the Sons of the Forest Cross comes in.

If you’re using any other kind of weapon, the demons will be extremely aggressive. However, if you’re holding the Cross, it will ward off the demons, albeit temporarily. They’ll still attack, so don’t dawdle around. Likewise, if you press the left mouse button, your character will hold the cross outward, Exorcist style, which has a chance of burning a demon. All in all, the Cross item will make your trek down the final area of ​​the game a lot easier.

Sons of the Forest is available through Steam.

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