How to Get Cuttlefish Skin Fragment in Dave the Diver

How to Get Cuttlefish Skin Fragment in Dave the Diver

Aside from fish meat, there are plenty of other interesting ingredients to collect in Dave the Diver to help enhance your meals at Bancho Sushi. Some ingredients require a little bit of finessing, such as the Cuttlefish Skin Fragment in Dave the Diver.

Dave the Diver Cuttlefish Skin Fragment Location

As the name implies, the Cuttlefish Skin Fragment can only be obtained from the Cuttlefish in Dave the Diver. However, actually getting the material is dependent on RNG. There are a couple of things you can do to increase your chances of getting it to drop, though.

To increase your chances of getting the Cuttlefish Skin Fragment, you’ll want to nab the Cuttlefish at a 2 or 3-star rating, and you can do that by doing as little damage to it as possible. With that in mind, the best weapons to use for capturing the Cuttlefish are the Hush Dart or the Net.

By putting the Cuttlefish to sleep or by capturing it alive with the net, you’re guaranteed to catch it at a 3-star rating, which greatly increases your chances of getting the Cuttlefish Skin Fragment.

Of course, even if you just capture it by killing it with a weapon or the regular harpoon, there’s still a chance of getting the Fragment, but you can expect to spend much longer farming for it.

Where to Find Cuttlefish in Dave the Diver

If you’re not quite sure where to find the Cuttlefish, don’t fret. You can find them lurking around at medium depth. The best spot to find them is right below the Whitehead Shark, which is to the right of the map, and down.

Once you pass the shark and head deeper down into the ocean, you should start finding more Cuttlefish and you’ll recognize them by the black ink that they squirt out whenever you get too close.

And that’s how to get Cuttlefish Skin Fragment in Dave the Diver. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game, including how to catch other elusive creatures like the White Shrimp.

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