How to get electrum in FF16

How to get electrum in FF16

As you visit Blackthorne at the Hideaway in Final Fantasy 16, you’ll probably try to craft the Drakeslayer’s Belt, but realize you’re just one crafting material short. Getting electron may be a little trickier than you think, as you’ll need to track down one of the notorious marks on the Hunt Board. Read on to find out Severian’s location and how to get the electrum crafting material.

How to get electrum in FF16

Electrum is one of the rewards for defeating the notorious mark, Severian. The Severian hunt is unlocked after completing the “Fire and Ice” main scenario quest, so make sure to finish it before searching for the hunt!

Severian hunt location on the map of Rosaria in Final Fantasy 16.

Graphic: Johnny Yu/Polygon | Image source: Square Enix Creative/Square Enix via Polygon

Severian is a level 31 B-rank hunt located to the north of Sorrowise in Rosaria. The quickest way to reach Severian is to teleport to the Martha’s Rest Obelisk and head off west towards the wooden elevator. Follow the path north around the bend to find Severian curled up into a ball. Before you approach it, make sure to spend your ability points! There is no refund cost, so go in with everything you got.

Tips on beating Severian

  • Watch our for “Eradicate”: Eradicate is one of Severian’s deadliest moves, and will inflict a lot of damage to you if you get caught in its whirling blades. As soon as you see Eradicate pop up on your screen, fall back and prepare to dodge the upcoming lunge.
  • Severian’s sword is deceptively long: It’s a good idea to keep some distance between you and Severian as their beam sword is longer than you think. They also have many attacks where they’ll quickly close the gap between the two of you, so as soon as that sword comes out, get ready to dodge.
  • The AOE is a two-parter: One of Severian’s unnamed attacks will create a light blue circle around it, indicating that there will be an attack inside said circle. However, an even larger circle will appear immediately after, so run far away to avoid both attacks!

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