How to Get Every Legendary Weapon in Dead Island 2

How to Get Every Legendary Weapon in Dead Island 2
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Dead Island 2 has plenty of weapons for players to get their hands on and many have been keeping an eye out for any legendary weapons they can find. There are a small variety of legendary weapons to choose from but they all will take your gameplay experience to the next level. This article will take you through how to get every legendary weapon in Dead Island 2.

All Legendary Weapons in Dead Island 2 and How to Get Them

How to Get Blood Rage in Dead Island 2

In order to acquire Blood Rage you will have to complete a Lost and Found weapon quest. The specific quest is known as Fool’s Gold and you will be able to start playing through it at the Santa Monica Pier. There is a particular Zombie Crusher in the Lifeguard HQ named Dantekill them and you can then loot and start the quest.

How to Get The One in Dead Island 2

Another brilliant legendary weapon to have is The One. This is a sword replica from “The Kyrgyz” movie and it looks stunning. To unlock The One weapon you will have to complete every Sarah and Sebastian quest. These are fun side quests that have three in total for the full questline so it won’t take you too long to work through them.

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Tea first quest in this questline is called “It Came From Monarch Studios” so when you have this quest you know that you are now taking part in Sarah and Sebastian’s questline.

How to Get Bodycount in Dead Island 2

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An assault rifle that packs a lot of punch is the Bodycount legendary weapon. This is gained by completing the [REDACTED] Lost and Found quest. We have a handy guide on how to find and complete this particular quest so you will have that weapon in no time.

How to Get Big Shot in Dead Island 2

The Big Shot is unlocked through a side quest in the game which is given to you by Luciana. The weapon has some very impressive stats and also includes a force boost to go with it so having it in your arsenal is always going to be of benefit. The side quest name you need to complete is It’s Not Your Fault.

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Luciana can be found at Emma’s Mansion so this is where you will want to go if you plan on starting the quest. As with most Legendary weapons, you will have to wait until later in the main story to start to access this quest.

How to Get Emma’s Wrath in Dead Island 2

This sledgehammer is a powerhouse and you may see fit to use it in many combat scenarios. It is one of the easier Legendary weapons to unlock as you just need to complete the campaign to unlock it. More specifically you will need to complete the final mission in the game.

How to Get Party Starter in Dead Island 2

The Lost and Found quests are certainly getting a lot of usage for allowing you to acquire Legendary weapons. The Party Starter is a knuckle weapon that can be gotten by completing the “Drunk and Disorderly” Lost and Found quest.

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This quest can be started by heading to the Ocean Avenue and then going to the Lotusville Mall. In an open bathroom next to one of the clothes shop you will be able to find an item on the ground which will lead you to the next destination for the quest. You can then proceed with completing the Lost and Found quest.

How to Get Brutalizer in Dead Island 2

Another weapon that can be gained through completing side quests is the Brutalizer Legendary weapon. This is acquired after you have completed all of Francesca’s side quests. After you complete the “Body Art: The Unveiling” quest the Brutalizer will be yours. Francesca can be found in the Beverly Hills area.

How to Get Krakatoa in Dead Island 2

Krakatoa is likely named after the volcano (now a caldera) that erupted back in 1883 — the explosions were heard from extreme distances. This Legendary Weapon in Dead Island 2 certainly will cause some damage too. It can be acquired through a Lost and Found quest in the Serling Hotel.

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Before you can start the Lost and Found quest needed you will need to complete the Plumbing the Depths quest as part of the main story. Once you have done so you can find Lost and Found quests near Denise and you need to work through them until the sixth one. After you complete this you will have the Krakatoa.

Now that you know how to get every legendary weapon possible to get in the game, you can take to the streets of HELL-A with a full new zombie-slaying arsenal — deal with those zombies in style!

– This article was updated on April 21st, 2023

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