How to Get Food in Forever Skies

How to Get Food in Forever Skies

Forever Skies is a ship-building survival game, similar to tiles like rafting, but with a sci-fi edge, and as you might expect, resources like food and water are important. This article will show you how to get food in Forever Skies as soon as you start the game and the best way to get food.

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Best Way to Get Food in Forever Skies

By far, the best and most accessible way to get food in the game is to use the Insect Catcher, which you should find already installed on your ship. Get your hands on a basic lure. You can scrounge one in the first dock area where you find your first ship. Now attach the lure and hold the interact button to lower it.

showing a mechanical arm with a line descending into a layer of dust and small creatures beneath a sci fi ship

You’ll need to be at a low enough altitude to actually dip the line into the dust (around 230 is good) and have nothing blocking you underneath. After a while, your catcher will start to shake, and you can raise it to find something edible on the other end.

Forever Skies Screenshot showing several insect catchers arrayed along the side of a ship floating through a dust-filled void.

Build several Insect Catchers in a row along one edge of your ship’s catwalk. If you leave your catch in the catcher’s, they won’t decay, meaning you can keep them until you need to cook them to eat instead of ending up with an inventory filled with rotten food.

Forever Skies screenshot showing an electric cooker with a lot of steam coming out of the top.

You can eat your food raw if it’s an emergency, but you’re much better off cooking it. Go and check out our Forever Skies Starter Guide if you found that tip helpful.

How to Get Food

While the basic Insect Catcher is the quickest way to make food, there are some other methods that are accessible as you keep playing the game.

Automated Insect Catcher

Forever Skies screenshot showing a blue insect catcher line hanging off the side of a ship with a yellow lure tag sitting inside.

The automated Insect catcher is available for research once you’ve unlocked the upgrade station. You’ll also need to build an upgrade station to apply the upgrade to your insect catchers. This upgrade is really a quality-of-life improvement, removing the need for you to manually reel in your lines when they catch something.

Gathering Plants

Forever Skies screenshot showing several melon-like green spheres growing on plants that are sitting on top of flat green leaves.

As you explore the various locations throughout the game, you’ll come across areas covered in plants. Most of these plants can be eaten once cooked to restore your hunger and occasionally other stats as well. Some of these plants are also vital in creating other recipes.

The most common types of places to find growing food are overgrown communication towers and the various types of gardens you can find in the overworld. Check out our Forever Skies locations guide for help with the game’s various locations.

Advanced Insect Lure

Forever Skies Screenshot showing a crafting menu with the advanced insect lure highlighted showing what it takes to create a lure.

This type of insect lure is slightly more expensive than a regular insect lure in your replicator but will last much longer and typically works much quicker. You’ve also got a better chance of getting Fat Dust Moths than with a regular lure.

Single Insect Lure

Forever Skies screenshot showing a purple oblong sitting in a mechanical insect fishing apparatus

The final level of lure you can craft, the Unique Insect Lure, is the only way to get glowing Dust Moths. These creatures can provide a huge amount of food, too, so it’s worth making these if you can scan a Canola Multifinger Flower the next time you’re at a greenhouse. Check out our resource guide for more information on identifying the particular flower you need.

How to Get a Frieza

Forever Skies Screenshot showing a metal gray cube with a handle like a refrigerator.

If you want to store your fresh food and forage plants for longer, you’ll need to get a freezer. You’ll find it by exploring the different unknown locations in the overworld until you find it hidden away inside a Wind-Farm variant.

Can You Grow Food?

As of right now, it seems like there’s no way to grow your own food aboard your ship, but we’ll keep you updated as new stuff is added to the game, so check back here to see if they finally add growing properly to the game.

That’s the end of our guide on how to get Food in Forever Skies — check out our other guides below!

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