How to get Hantengu in All Star Tower Defense

All Star Tower Defense Heading Off To Summon
All Star Tower Defense Heading Off To Summon

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All Star Tower Defense features a whole army of characters inspired by your favorite warriors from various anime. However, you’ll have to build your own squad one character at a time. Some of them are downright difficult to add to your roster. This Roblox guide tells you how to get Hantengu in All Star Tower Defense.

All Star Tower Defense – how to get Hantengu

Hantengu, a character in the Demon Slayer anime, appears as Demon of Emotion in All Star Tower Defense. To get Hantengu/Demon of Emotion, draw him in a Z-rank summon.

The Demon of Emotion is easily one of the most powerful characters in the game, with a deployment cost of 500 cash. It is a ground-based tower type that attacks with the Fire element and inflicts damage across large areas.

Because Demon of Emotion is a 6-star character, your likelihood of getting it from any draw is very slim. You need to draw it from the Z-grade summon banner, which changes its lineup regularly. Before you even attempt a draw, make sure Demon of Emotion is one of the characters offered in the current banner. You’ll likely need to draw numerous times, since he has only a 1% chance of materializing even while featured.

All Star Tower Defense Demon Of Emotion Stats

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Drawing to get results

When you start playing All Star Tower Defense, you don’t have access to Z-grade banners. That changes only once you reach player level 100 and access World II. In other words, you’ll have to play for quite some time before you even unlock the remote possibility that Demon of Emotion will join your team. I took an hour just getting to level 12, for instance, even moving fairly quickly and without making blunders. Progress doesn’t always come rapidly.

You can attempt any available summons most easily from the hub area by selecting Summon from the left menu. Otherwise, head to the physical building not far from the lobby. Each individual summon requires 50 gems or more. I recommend saving them up to allow multiple draws at once, which reduces the cost per draw. You earn more gems, as well as stardust for Special Summons, by completing daily tasks or even leaving the game running while you occupy the building that generates free resources. Keep saving, power up your characters, and then try for Demon of Emotion every time the chance arises. It’s worth the effort.

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