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Resident Evil 4 Remake Hunk Featured

Resident Evil 4 remake is one of the best games of 2023. It takes what makes the original gameplay so well and doubles down on it, making it a fantastic third-person shooter. One of the original game’s highlights for many people was the Mercenaries mode. In the Mercenaries mode you could play as different characters, going through different areas in the Resident Evil 4 world, attaining high scores, and doing suplexes to your heart’s content.

This mode has returned in Resident Evil 4 remake, albeit in a post-launch manner, and it has a few characters and stages for you to unlock as you progress. One of those characters is the beloved Hunk, a resident Evil favorite fan. Here’s our Resident Evil 4 remake guide on how to get Hunk in Mercenaries.

A guide on how to get Hunk in Mercenaries in Resident Evil 4 remake

You can get Hunk pretty easily in Resident Evil 4 remake’s Mercenaries mode; you just need a bit of patience and skill. The way you get Hunk in this mode is to attain ‘A-rank’ with Krauser on any map. This means you’re going to have to go about finding your way to sustainably getting high-scores by playing a little bit and mastering the techniques the game has to offer.

Resident Evil 4 How To Get Hunk Krauser Score

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To attain Krauser as a playable character, you have to first get an ‘A-rank’ with Luis, which also requires getting an ‘A-rank’ with Leon. Essentially, to get Hunk in Resident Evil 4 remake’s Mercenaries mode, you need to get an ‘A-rank’ with every character before Hunk. This can seem like a bit of a chore, but it shouldn’t take you too long to do. Doing it myself only took me an hour or so, and it could’ve been done quicker than that if you’re skilled enough at the game.

Once you unlock Hunk, however, you can use him to your heart’s content. Hopefully Capcom adds more unlockables down the road to make the fun Mercenaries mode worth grinding even more.

Resident Evil 4 remake is available on Steam.

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