How to get Liquid Rainbow in Diablo 3

Diablo Iii How To Get Liquid Rainbow Drop

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Season 28 of Diablo 3 brings the all-new Altar of Rites to players. The Altar grants significant power boosts to characters in exchange for sacrifices of powerful items. One such powerful sacrifice is the Staff of Herding, which must be crafted from rare and difficult to find materials. The Liquid Rainbow provides one material needed for the Staff of Herding. Fortunately, we know how to get Liquid Rainbow in Diablo 3.

Diablo 3 Liquid Rainbow – Guide

There are several steps to get the Liquid Rainbow. First, ensure you’re on Adventure mode and load into Act II. Check for the Bounty ‘Clear the Mysterious Cave.’ If the bounty’s not there, leave the game and reload it. Keep logging out and reloading until you have this bounty.

Diablo Iii How To Get Liquid Rainbow Bounty

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Next, head to the Dahlgur Oasis waypoint and follow the objective arrows. You’re looking for an NPC named Zaven, who always spawns when this bounty is active, and rarely if not. Talk to him, and he’ll let you into the Mysterious Cave.

Diablo Iii How To Get Liquid Rainbow Zaven

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Once you’re inside the Mysterious Cave, look around for a Mysterious Chest. It has the same model as a Resplendent Chest but says ‘Mysterious Chest’ when you hover over it. While it has a higher chance to spawn on the first level, the Mysterious Chest can spawn on either level of the Mysterious Cave. Keep in mind the Mysterious Chest may not spawn at all, in which case you need to reload the game and start again. If you find the Mysterious Chest, it’s guaranteed to contain the Liquid Rainbow.

Diablo Iii How To Get Liquid Rainbow Mysterious Chest

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Finding the Liquid Rainbow may take a few tries. You make this easier on yourself by using a build with quick movement speed and trash-clearing abilities. You can use Challenge Rift resets for crafting materials to farm better gear for this purpose.

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