How to get more Nests in Peridot

How to get more Nests in Peridot

When it comes to collecting more Dots in the pet simulator RPG Peridot, there always arises a huge question – where to find more Nests to hatch? Well, if you’re one of those players, then you’re in luck as we are going to be detailing all the different ways through which you will be able to collect more Nests. In this article, we will be providing an accurate description of what Nests actually are, their usage, and the ways to obtain them in Peridot.

What are Nests?

As Peridot is a pet simulator, it becomes quite necessary to breed young Dots from older Dots in order to make the process natural and stable. The game uses “Nests” as the currency used for creating new young Dots. Sadly, these Nests are some of the rarest items to find in the game, and it is like this for a reason. Each dot is assigned an individual trait and archetype at the time of being hatched. Using Nesting, players can breed and accumulate different types of Dots with multiple different traits and archetypes.

Players can even discover new types of Dots through the cross-breeding of different Dots with different traits. To control the population of Dots, the developers made a massive change to limit the ways of getting more Nests in the game.

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How to get Nests in Peridot?

During the beta test version of the game, players could easily get many Nests by crafting them using the NestParts. Those items were part of the same resources as the rest of the foraged items. Sadly, the Nest Parts as a resource itself was removed when the game launched officially. At the time of writing, players get only 1 Nest at the start of the game for a completely free-to-play player. The Nest is given to players as part of the “Hatch A Dot” quest. As Nests are considered a consumable resource, players can only use them once per account.

In order to hatch more Dots, you will require more Nests. Currently, the only way to acquire more Nests in Peridot is by directly purchasing them via microtransactions in the in-game shop. You can choose to purchase them 1 by 1 or in a bundle value that is available at a fixed price. Each Nest costs around $5, which is pretty expensive considering they used to be essentially free pre-launch. Nests are also quite valuable as they are required to advance more in the game through hatching and raising different types of Dots.

If case of any updates or changes made regarding Nest acquisition, we will make sure to update this article in the future.

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