How to get past locked door in Vault of the Formless in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 Vault Of The Formless Locked Door

The Vault of the Formless is a dungeon in Remnant 2 found on N’Erud. This is actually quite a nasty dungeon with plenty of enemies to take on. But what awaits you at the end is a very nice reward for those that would like a new weapon. The problem is that a locked door with seemingly no key is blocking the way right at the end of the dungeon. And if you look at your map, you’ve probably searched everywhere you can think of. Well, don’t worry because I was in the exact same situation. Here’s how to open that locked door in the Vault of the Formless in Remnant 2.

Remnant 2: How to get past the locked door

The Vault of the Formless does give you a small clue in an earlier section. There should be a similarly locked door that is opened with a House Lythla Glyph. And we need another one of these to get past the locked door. To find it, you need to go back to the penultimate room of the dungeon with the spinning pillars.

Remnant 2 Vault Of The Formless

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Now the spinning pillars in this area are a key clue to what we need to do. You can ignore the first one though, so just run straight through when the opening is exposed. The second one is where we want to wait for it to open up and then step inside. But instead of just proceeding through like normal, you want to wait for the pillar to spin while you’re inside it. This brings you to a secret path with our key inside.

Remnant 2 Vault Of The Formless 2

Screenshot by PC Invasion

After we’ve got the House Lythla Glyph, we can go back to our locked door in Remnant 2. Simply use this item to open it up and you’ll get a shiny new weapon on the other side. The Rupture Cannon is what happens when you combine a pistol, shotgun, and some weird alien technology into a single gun. This weapon makes short work of enemies that close in on you. But it doesn’t handle foes at range very well. Be sure to double-check your Archetype’s favored weapons to see if it would fit well within your build.

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