How to get Rainbow Potion in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How To Get Rainbow Potion In Disney Dreamlight Valley

You may or may not know a Rainbow Potion even exists in Disney Dreamlight Valley or what it does. That’s because the game offers no hint or explanation to its existence, and instead puts you through a series of ordeals to get the potion. So what is it and why and how should you get it? Here’s how to get Rainbow Potion in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Obtaining the Rainbow Potion

How To Get Rainbow Potion In Disney Dreamlight Valley Rainbow Potion

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This is a deep rabbit hole to go down. It starts with pressing E on the Vault door at Scrooge’s Store and obtaining a Golden Potato from doing so. From there, you have to go on an unmarked quest to find the other colors of the rainbow potatoes and turn them into potions. It’s only once you have all of them you can then craft the Rainbow Potion.

Each Secret Potato Quest is worth its own guide, but to summarize each one up:

  • Golden/Yellow: Find Transfiguration Stones across areas of the map until it turns into a potion.
  • Purple: Find ten purple books scattered through the map in order to speak a code to the portal in the room you found Olaf in, then combine it with an Empty Vial.
  • Green: Fish up sixteen different Emerald Bottles across each area of ​​the map, turn them into Emerald Silvers, turn those into a Jade Crystal, then go to the Hidden Room in the Sunlit Plateau Mines (accessible from Simba’s Level 7 Quest) and interact with a green orb to make Green Seeds. Plant those and harvest the Green Potato, then make it into a potion.
  • Blue: Walk across several areas, mostly in the beach maps, into usually out of bounds areas to find blue objects. Combine them all in a pond inside the Sunlit Plateau Mines for the Blue Potato, then make it a potion using an Empty vial.
  • Orange: Put on the Lens of Shadow from Scrooge’s level 10 quest and scour the Dream Castle and Mickey’s Secret Room as well as the realms of Moana, WALL-E, Ratatouille, Frozen, Toy Story, to find very hard to see little Orange Pebbles. Combine them all into an Orange Potato and then make a potion.
  • Red: Find the Red Potato in Remy’s House. Then cook a recipe using the Red Potato, lobster, chili peppers, raspberries, and slush ice, then turn it in to be served in the Ratatouille Realm for the potion.

Crafting the Rainbow Potion

Have you spent copious amount of hours doing all that? Good. now you’re ready to make the potion. With all six of the colored potato potions in your inventory, head to a crafting station to combine them into the Rainbow Potion.

How To Get Rainbow Potion In Disney Dreamlight Valley Crafting

Screenshot by PC Invasion

And now you have your very own month appropriate potion. What do you do with a Rainbow Potion? You can get an exclusive Critter called the Rainbow Fox, but that’s for the next guide.

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