How to Get Ruby Seadragon in Dave the Diver

Dave the Diver where to find the Ruby Seadragon

Dave the Diver is full of vibrant and exciting areas to explore with fascinating creatures to discover. While some are common and easy to find in the open waters, others can be trickier to locate. Among them is the Ruby Seadragon of the seahorses. Its whereabouts have notoriously eluded players, and if you’ve had a hard time trying to find it, here is our handy guide for how to get the one and only Ruby Seadragon.

How to Locate the Ruby Seadragon in Dave the Diver

Dave the Diver where to find the Ruby Seadragon
Image Source: MINTROCKET via Twinfinite

The best place to start looking for the Ruby Seadragon is at the underwater palace in the Glacial Area, similar to when you go to find the Missing Beluga whale. From there, dive all the way down past the ice mazes until you reach the Hydrothermal Vent area near the bottom.

Dave the Diver where the Ruby Seadragon is hiding
Image Source: MINTROCKET via Twinfinite

Once there, look for a brightly glowing red stone ore sitting on a ledge on the cliffside to the left, as seen above. While doing your best to avoid the glowing fire, you’ll need to hit the ore in order for the Ruby Seadragon to potentially appear. Among the 2-3 red rubies that drop from the ore, one of them may actually be the Seadragon. If you’re lucky, you’ll see the prompt below.

Dave the Diver how to know you got the Ruby Seadragon
Image Source: MINTROCKET via Twinfinite

Note that it’s not a guaranteed drop, and you may have to revisit this glowing red ore once again for another try until it appears. Once it does, however, that’s another rare creature added to your list. It really is that simple to obtain, no bumps to overcome or mazes to navigate or severe depths to survive. Without knowing the simple trick, however, that’s how it can stay right under your nose.

That concludes our guide for how to get the Ruby Seadragon in Dave the Diver. We hope you find this helpful, and let us know which creature in the game was the hardest for you to find.

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