How to get Shikai in Type Soul

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The anime Bleach has inspired the Roblox game Soul-Type. In this huge open-world RPG, you must take on the role of a Hollow, Soul Reaper, or Quincy. Each different class has its own progression trees and goals, giving the game of Penny Typethe lot of interesting content to explore. In the anime, it is possible for Soul Reapers to gain access to another being within themselves. This power, known as their Shikai, is more powerful and deadly than the original form; here’s how to unlock it in Soul-Type.

How to get Shikai in Soul-Type

How to get Shikai in Type Soul

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Before you begin on your quest to unlock Shikai, it is worth noting that the ability is only available to Soul Reapers. Becoming a Soul Reaper requires you to die when you spawn into the game and become a Spirit. Once you become a Spirit, you must find another Soul Reaper and have them initiate you into the gang.

To get your Shikai in Soul-Type, you must first reach grade 2. You can get there by getting into the fray. Start killing Hollow and other players to rank up quickly. It won’t take long to get to grade 2 in Soul-Type. You can also complete missions around the maps to gain enough XP to level up.

Once you have reached grade 2, you will need to meditate for an hour. You must do this in three increments of 20 minutes. Meditation can be done whenever you like; you don’t need to do it all at once. As long as each meditation session is at least 20 minutes in soul type, it will count towards your goal of becoming a Shikai.

Once you begin your fourth meditation session, you will start the Shikai mission. In this mission, you have to defeat your Shikai to gain its powers. If you fail at killing your Shikai in Soul-Type, you must wait an hour before trying again. Once you have it unlocked, you can activate your Shikai in Soul-Type by pressing J with your Sword drawn.

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