How to get the Dark Dagger in Blox Fruits

How to upgrade Haki in Blox Fruits

Blox Fruitcreated by Gamer Robot Inc, pulls players into the world of One Piece, as portrayed by the Roblox engine. Traversing seas, defeating foes, and acquiring new sword techniques pull hours from your life. This incredibly immersive game has taken the Roblox community by storm. Weapons and styles with differing stats and drop rates can be collected around the map. One rare but wildly powerful weapon is the Dark Dagger in Blox Fruit.

What is the Dark Dagger?

The Dark Dagger is a tiny, stabby weapon of destruction. It is wildly underrated, possibly because it is so hard to obtain. The Dark Dagger is a legendary sword with a meager drop rate of only 2.5%. If you want to get your hands on it, be prepared to get your grind on.

The Dark Dagger comes with two moves. The first is a dash-type move called Proficient Impale. You rush forward with a bolt of green energy. The second, Shaming Slash fires out a point of green energy. If the energy hits a foe, you will teleport behind the enemy to deliver a devastating blow.

How to Get the Dark Dagger in Blox Fruits

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How to get the Dark Dagger in Blox Fruit

Before taking on your quest for the Dark Dagger, there are a few stipulations to meet. The first is that you must have access to the Third Sea. The foe is the introduction to this world; you must be at least level 1500 to access it. RIP_Indra, or Indra for short, is a level 5000 area boss, so ensure you’re up to the task.

Summon RIP_Indra

  1. First, locate Indra – he is at The Castle on the Sea in the Third Sea.
  2. Summon Indra by equipping three legendary colors: Pure Red, Winter Sky, and Snow White. These can be purchased from the Master of Auras at the same location.
  3. Next, with these equipped, you must locate the three plates around the island
  4. Once these have been pressed, you must place the Chalice, obtained through the defeat of Elite Pirates, on the pedestal to the right of the entrance
  5. Finally, you will know Indra has been summoned when the Castle on the Sea is renamed to Battle of the Gods

Kill Indra to get the Dark Dagger in Blox Fruit

Obviously, killing Indra is tricky, and it is highly recommended you go in with a few mates. Indra is significantly higher than the current level cap, so even if you have maxed out, you’ll still struggle.

Once you have defeated Indra, you will be awarded three levels, 1500 fragments, a Valkery Helmet, and a 2.5% chance to get the Dark Dagger in Blox Fruit. However, you’re going to have to go through this process a few times to obtain it.

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