How to get the demolisher in Valheim

How to get the demolisher in Valheim

One of the strongest weapons in Valheim in terms of one-hit damage output is the demolisher, a hammer that indeed lives up to its name. This weapon deals massive damage per hit and unleashes a spherical, four-meter-radius shockwave capable of staggering and knocking back enemy targets within its range. Moreover, there is no decrease in damage when striking multiple targets. The main drawback is that wielding this hammer is rather clunky, and you will lose a good deal of movement speed while it is equipped. Nevertheless, few melee-based opponents can stand in your path when getting smashed with the demolisher in Valheim.

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Crafting the demolisher in Valheim

Hitting the ground with the demolisher in Valheim
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To craft the demolisher, you must have access to a Black Forge in Valheim, a workstation made using black marble × 10, Yggdrasil wood × 10, and black cores × 5. While Yggdrasil wood is easy to come by in the Mistlands since the biome has plenty of Yggdrasil shoot trees, finding black marble can be tricky. Black marble is primarily acquired from giant remains, large bones left behind by the colossal residents of the Mistlands. Not to be confused with ancient armor or swords, giant remains appear as large skulls or rib cages across the foggy landscape. Finally, you can get black cores by exploring the infested mines of Valheim.

Once you have set up a black forge, the next step is gathering the materials needed to craft the demolisher in Valheim. For this task, you will need Yggdrasil wood × 10, iron × 20, and refined Eitr × 10. You can easily get iron in the Mistlands by harvesting the ancient armor or swords mentioned above. As for refined Eitr, this is a resource made using the Eitr refinery, which is made with the same materials as the black forge, including black metal and sap.

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three crafting resources for black forge demolisher in Valheim
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Sap is procured from the Mistlands’ glowing ancient roots using a sap extractor. This extractor requires technology from the Dvergr faction known as a Dvergr extractor. While these dwarves might not initially be bothered by your presence, do note that they will become hostile if you steal their extractors. After collecting the three required materials, combine them at a black forge to create the destructive demolisher weapon in Valheim.

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