How to get the Highwire Fortnite skin in Chapter 4 Season 2

How To Get The Highwire Fortnite Skin Unlock Mega

The Chapter 4 Season 2 Battle Pass for Fortnite adds a fresh group of player skins to the game, and the Highwire skin is a popular one players want to know how to get. Fortunately, it’s an easy skin to unlock that doesn’t require any specific Quests to be completed as prerequisites.

Highwire has multiple styles and colors from the bunny agent aesthetic to the cyber wolf hunter. The default look consists of the black and pink aesthetic, but the bonus skins include neon pink and green animated variations and a gold on black look if you’re willing to put in enough time.

How to get the Highwire Fortnite skin

You can unlock the base skin for Highwire at level 70 of the Battle Pass. At level 78, the wolf “Packleader” version can be unlocked. From there you’ll need to do some serious leveling up to get to the bonus skins which begin on page 3 of the bonus rewards. You can get the neon pink Kinetic Rush look on page 4 of the bonus rewards, green Neon Citrus on page 5, and gold Mega Wave on page 6.

You’ll need a lot of XP to level up your Battle Pass to get all of the looks unlocked. The best way to do this is by playing the game a little bit each day to get the daily rewards, paying attention to when XP boosts are active, and getting on to complete limited time event Quests. You also want to get in the habit of knowing the Milestone Quests to get extra XP in each match throughout the season. Doing these things in addition to completing as many standard Quests as possible will help you reach the bonus reward levels efficiently.

How To Get The Highwire Fortnite Skin Bonus Skins Gold Cyber ​​Unlock Battle Pass

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Once you get new skins unlocked, you can then customize Highwire’s look using any unlocked colors to show off the unhooded and unmasked look, the masked bunny, or the wolf “Packleader” appearance.

Now you know how to get all the appearances of the Highwire skin in Fortnite. We also have some quest guides such as how to fix the Survive Storm Stages Carrying Epic Weapon Quest glitch and how to find the Emerald Axe.

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