How to Get the Landing Craft Foundry Segment in Warframe

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The Landing Craft Foundry Segment is a crucial upgrade you can unlock in Warframe. This augment will allow you to craft and utilize a variety of powerful items known as Air Support Charges. This upgrade will enable you to craft different Landing Crafts as well. This guide will explain how to get the Landing Craft Foundry Segment in Warframe.

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How to Unlock the Landing Craft Foundry Segment in Warframe

Players can earn the Landing Craft Foundry Segment in two different methods. The only way to gain this upgrade without Platinum is to grab a blueprint from a Clan Dojo. You can either create your own clan gold join a clan made by the community. We suggest you make a clan, as the clan dojo contains a massive list of Warframes, weapons, and gear for you to build. Once you’re a clan member, you can find this upgrade in the Tenno Lab. If you do not wish to join a clan, you can purchase this augment in the Warframe Market for 175 Platinum.

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Once you’re in a clan, you can access it by selecting the Clan Dojo node in the Navigations tab.

All Landing Craft Foundry Segment Costs in Warframe

The costs associated with this segment upgrade will change if you research it yourself versus joining a clan that already has it researched.

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Clan Research Costs

For a Clan to research the Landing Craft Segment, they will need the following resources listed below. Clan costs will multiply based on the size of a clan. These are the base values ​​for a Ghost Clan. The research will take 72 hours to complete. You can spend Platinum to rush the research time.

  • 1600 Circuits
  • 20000 Credits
  • 2 Morphics
  • 5000 Polymer Bundle
  • 6000 Salvages

Clans will have the following costs multiplier, depending on the Clan size:

  • Ghost Clan x 1
  • Shadow Clan x 3
  • Storm Clan x 10
  • Mountain Clan x 30
  • Moon Clan x 100

Manufacturing Costs

It will cost 15,000 Credits to replicate the blueprint, and the following resources are required to build it:

  • 1 Argon Crystal
  • 100000 Credits
  • 3000 Ferrite
  • 800 Rubedo
  • 2 Tellium

Once you’ve acquired this augment, you can begin tracking down the other Orbiter ships Warframe has to offer. Each one contains a unique Air Support charge that will grant you additional support when you’re on a challenging mission.

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