How to get the Master Smith Hammer in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Master Smith Hammer Zuo Ci
Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Master Smith Hammer Zuo Ci

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There’s enough equipment available in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty that sometimes figuring out which gear is best feels like a bit much. However, certain weapons and armor are worth the effort. One example of quality gear is the Master Smith Hammer, and this guide will explain how to get it in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

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Wo Long – How to get the Master Smith Hammer

The Master Smith Hammer is useful because it’s the best way ahead of the endgame to increase the item drop rate. While you have it equipped, even as your secondary melee weapon, enemies drop stuff a lot more frequently.

To get the Master Smith Hammer, turn in braces. You can exchange braces for items in Hidden Village by talking to Zuo Ci. When you first appear in the village, just head into the building to your left and talk to the man seated on the mat. He’ll part with a Master Smith Hammer for 7,000 accolades.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Master Smith Hammer Accolades Exchange

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You acquire accolades by avenging players who died at the hand of any enemies you defeat. If you see purple flags in a battlefield, that’s your indication a nearby enemy has slain a player. Watch for powerful foes nearby and defeat them for a reward in braces. The Master Smith Hammer you receive has a rarity of only one star and a base attack of 201. It’s a slow weapon, but powerful once fully upgraded. However, you might do best by keeping a faster weapon in your primary melee slot and relying on that one.

Although it’s nice when enemies drop more stuff, the Master Smith Hammer fills your inventory with a lot of redundant loot unless you pair it with other useful equipment. Improve the quality of every item enemies drop by adding a Luck attribute to most other equipment, including bows, helmets, and gloves. Visit the blacksmith and use the ’embedment’ option to remove jewels you don’t quite need, which you can replace with Luck enhancement. It’s the best way to get more of what you want, especially while you’re carrying the Master Smith Hammer.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is available on Steam and the Xbox marketplace.

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