How to get the Purple Potato in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How To Get The Purple Potato In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Perhaps the most mysterious and eccentric questline in Disney Dreamlight Valley is the colored potato quest chain. You have to obtain various different colored potatoes and the game does not tell you how or why. The potatoes are rainbow colored theme, so purple is naturally on the list. Here’s how to get the Purple Potato in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

The Purple Potato of Disney Dreamlight Valley quest start

First of all, you need to have picked up the first potato, the golden potato. Go to Scrooge’s Vault door inside his store behind the counter and interact with E to pick it up.

Golden Potato

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The Purple Potato quest starts in the cavern in Frozen Heights you first found Olaf in. You have to press E on the purple portal that never went away.

Purple Potato Start

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Suddenly, it asks you questions.

Purple Potato Start 2

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Now you might be wondering, what in the hell are the answers here? And you would be on the same page as me and everyone else. Don’t worry, the game has you covered: it made this needlessly complicated.

In order to solve this puzzle, you now have to find ten books scattered throughout the Valley map and use the highlighted words in them to solve the suddenly talking portal’s riddle. So get ready to fast travel and run all over the Valley.

Where to find the ten purple books

These do not have to be found in any specific order.

  • Floating ominously in the same room you’re currently in.
  • In the Plaza center by the well on near the East exit off the platform.
  • Up the left staircase in Scrooge McDuck’s store.
  • On the ledge of the staircase into the Peaceful Meadow from the Plaza.
  • On the staircase from the Peaceful Meadow to Dazzle Beach.
  • At the Dazzle Beach dock next to Goofy’s stall, underneath in the water.
  • Inside Ursula’s Cave in Dazzle Beach, which is at the very northeastern end of the Dazzle Beach map, lying on top of a wooden plank in the sand.
  • At the entrance to the Glade of Trust from Peaceful Meadow behind the big tree.
  • On the rocks at the Glade of Trust waterfall border of the Sunlit Plateau (requires the second half unlocked, so you need Scar’s friendship level at 8).
  • Inside the Sunlit Plateau Mines. This one is tricky. Follow the right route, then right at the first fork, through the middle area, and then turn left. Follow the path until the next fork to find it hiding behind two poles.

Solving the Purple Potato Riddle

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So if we put the book answers in order with the words the portal demands, we get:

  • Experiment No. 146: No one would suspect something as mundane as a potato could hold the key. I dare say it’s genius.
  • Experiment No. 243: The Forgotten is getting to me. I can’t rely on my own memory. I must write everything down in a book lest I forget…
  • Experiment No. 569: I must rely on the logic of dreams to protect it. Only a dreamer can hope to restore the…
  • Experiment No. 892: A simple declaration of Higitus Figitus should be enough to…
  • Experiment No. 977: Attempted to unlock the magical power of running away… Alas, results proved disastrous…
  • Experiment No. 1,232: Growing tired. Tea crystal ought to allow me to channel the transfiguration energies…
  • Experiment No. 3,598: Spent today foraging for all I need to make the Transfiguration Stones…
  • Experiment No. 3,599: Must be more diligent with my notes. The Forgetting nearly made me forget what I meant to do with all these ingredients…
  • Experiment No. 4,232: Found a rather tasty raspberry today. Perhaps the Night Thorns haven’t strangled all the life in the Valley just yet.
  • Experiment No. 5,232: Only one way to seal the magic. I’ll hide a code in these books. Something no one will ever think of…

And with that, the portal spits out an incredibly ominous and unappetizing purple potato.

What do you even do with it? Combine it with an Empty Vial at a crafting station to make a Royal Purple Potion.

Purple Potion Craft

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This will be relevant to get the Rainbow Fox minion. But first you’ve more oddly colored potatoes to find.

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