How to get the Quicksilver Storm Catalyst in Destiny 2

Quicksilver Storm Catalyst

The loyal among us who preordered Destiny 2: Lightfall were rewarded with an exclusive Exotic weapon: the Quicksilver Storm. This beast of an Auto Rifle not only looks good but slaps to boot. With a 50-round magazine, homing rockets every few shots, and a chargeable alt-fire mode of grenades, it is a true crowd-clearing weapon. Obviously, it was a fan favorite from the get-go and can only be made better with a little work. Once you get the Catalyst for Quicksilver Storm in Destiny 2it becomes a weapon of mass destruction.

Destiny 2 – Steps to get the Catalyst for Quicksilver Storm

If you’re lucky enough to own the gun, on picking it up you will find a new mission available in the holoprojector by Nimbus. He can be found on Neomuna.

Clear out enemies with Auto Rifles, grenades, and rockets

This step is rather fitting, knowing what the Auto Rifle is capable of. Get out there and start mowing down foes with any of these three weapon types. In this case, you get extra progress for killing enemies with rapid grenade rifle kills. These kills need to be on Neomuna. Personally, I would suggest getting involved in a Vex Incursion Zone for the waves of guaranteed enemies.

Quicksilver Storm Catalyst

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Get kills with Quicksilver Storm Grenades

As you land kills with the homing rockets, Quicksilver Storm will charge with three grenades. By holding down the reload button you can load them up and bring the pain. These grenades have pretty good splash damage so aim for clusters of low-level enemies to blast through this part of the mission. The kills must be on Neomuna again.

How to master the Catalyst for Quicksilver Storm

Now you have it unlocked, the Quicksilver Storm Catalyst needs to be masterworked. There is no quick way to go about this, so buckle in for a long ride. Finally, you will need 700 kills with the weapon. Get grinding. I recommend strikes and other long missions to get the numbers up quickly.

What does the Exotic Catalyst do?

The weapon becomes a Strand type rather than Kinetic meaning it will have more synergy with Strand builds. Now, with the Quicksilver Storm Catalyst activated, final blows with the weapons grenades will spawn tangles.

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